Looking up “determinism” on z-library I randomly see this

and wonder about that science I saw yesterday related to game design, “narratology” – do people study that before writing stories? Never heard of that science.

I was here thinking it was all instinct

the systematic study of the secret of storytelling

This might be important to learn about given Faurisson’s background. “That’s not a story!” Pile of gold teeth, nice touch, really anchors in the mind.

Coincidence, given Faurisson’s nationality?

Relax, everything doesn’t need to be about “the Gospel”. If anything, making this science more well-known will lead to better stories in general, even if they all ultimately have to pay respect to the story of stories. How many novels out there are a “food-offering at the shrine”? More than you’d probably want to know. “Neutral art” – ha! There are probably plenty of subtly “fascistic” ones too, those highlander ones for instance (no I’m not reading one of those to sample–unless maybe I will?) Panzer-man, panzer-man (at least Plath admits she’s a Jew).

Anyway, the Shawshank Redemption – I haven’t seen it for a while, I remember it being “perfect” though – did they study narratology to make that? In this context you might start to think that poetry and math can be a lot more closely related.

We think we know it all. How many times have you seen the word “narrative” used to describe ideology? And never “narratology”? No one thinks to look for a science of various words we throw around.

Speaking of words, I’d love to see a shiksa exclaim “I’m a Jew! I admit it, I’m a Jew!” Shiksa Studies. Technically you’re a Jew’s whore. That’s just being technical though. Speaking of “narratives”. Just not very Athenian in my view, that’s all.

Is this the only place where there is Realpolitik? The glorious digital revolution hahaha what a joke that is! The “Shiksanet” – now that’s insulting.

Anyway, I’m actually “vibin” with Faurisson for the first time while studying about narratology – “Makes sense.” Like I’ve said countless times, I’m from the same culture you are, and have many of the same biases that don’t simply go away after they’re revealed. “It IS kind of like a story…” It’s why they put that 90 year old woman in prison in Germany for disagreeing about the plot – a very fragile story that isn’t supposed to be seen as a story. Or think of how Choinski was buried for decades, and is still buried. He makes one rethink the story in a brand new light.

What is the actual narrative of civilization? If no one could know your opinion would you put the striped pajamas at the center? Seems kind of cheesy. More important stuff has happened in history, to say the least.

Go ahead and try to tell me that “art” is not required to maintain this

All to justify hating white people.

I hate those white people

I’m glad they’re beginning to go their own way since our narratology clearly isn’t good enough if it’s never applied to the “actual narrative”

The prevalence of narrative studies in China is one thing, but Chinese Narratology is quite another. Up to now, narrative studies in China are still by and large undertaken within the framework offered by Western Narratology.

The difference in China though is that they know what their narrative is and they call it that! Ours is a lot more subtle, often bordering on the invisible. It’s definitely never acknowledged as the narrative. It’s narratological to point that out. Am I a bad person for doing that? Whether I am is a mystery you can try to solve

What about those sex-traffickers in Eastern Europe? Most animal-soul goys had either a daughter or sibling’s daughter who was whored out by a Jew. Would you have cried if Epstein had gotten lethal injection instead of being suicided? No one ever asks how they afforded those gold teeth in that pile.

Speaking of narratives, do feminists really try to tell us with a serious expression on their face that “prostitutes have dignity”? I don’t buy that, sorry. Make sure to surround yourself with fellow prostitutes who do I guess. Every grifter is working in this whorehouse. Are you going to be mad at me for trying to lure you away from it? You must be confused then. I pimpslap your pimps and you get mad at me – very confused. Are you going to sign up to visit Weinstein’s cell to give him a rimjob? Make sure to wear a bib, just watchin out for you.

They continue to frame it so sympathetically too, look at this

Please let me know how people who run cover for the “extended crime family” are any different from these presstitutes. Let me know! I bet you can’t!

I understand why people who work in the whorehouse wouldn’t want to accept this “narrative” about themselves. You probably wouldn’t feel like you had much dignity if you accepted that, huh?

“They deserved those gold teeth!”

How pathetic. Exploited, then justify your exploiter. Scared into silence to the point that you just break. You mine the gold for them, you whistle in those mines. Take all the blame for the slave ships and the cotton too.

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