Trying to understand Faurisson’s shift from literary criticism to historiography through his book on the poet Gérard de Nerval.

He refers to the idea of cracking a safe

He says one poem is key to understand all the other poems

After reading about Pessoa’s subversion of Plato through poetry

I’m tempted to write like this now

If Faurisson unlocked the “poem of the century” shouldn’t he

be considered thee authority on the literal poets he wrote about?

Writing like this, I detect something dishonest. It’s almost as if

No argument can be presented in this form

And yet there is one. And it’s pretended there’s not.

That’s deceptive. Do poets ever admit this?

This is my style of interdisciplinarity.

Neither seeing the light nor the opacity of the window

Does this form allow for that or is it something else?

This is a poem, no one’s philosophizing here

Well that’s a lie, and I can get away with that in a poem, right?

In 1962 before he got in trouble Faurisson was imprisoned

for “insulting the head of state” – “Fuck de Gaulle” he said.

Why did it end up being less controversial insulting

the French head of state

in France?

This is as much a poem against Pessoa as it is

against “those Portuguese”.

Neither Platonist, nor anti-Platonist, nor Pessoan,

and certainly not (((Portuguese)))

Or do you only speak Porchmonguese?

Is this the first “Athenian art” you’ve seen for years?

“It’s an attempt at art, it fails to meet the standards of art.”

Wrong, it’s philosophy disguised as a poem, and not a poem at all.

With poetry though every line is supposed to be imbued

with so much meaning.

So I wonder why so much poetry is meaningless?

Every line is supposed to be so important

so why do no lines ever insult the head of state?

Art settles

I think art is supposed to be nobler than that.

Was Adorno right to say that to write a poem

after Auschwitz is barbaric? Ask yourself that about this one.

Every line is supposed to be so important

Why turn Pessoa or Adorno on their head

when you can turn the West on its head?

Sorry, is that not the function of art?

“You don’t know what art is!”

Art is kissing feet

Art is disgusting

You’re right. Are you philosophizing with ME now?

Art is disgusting, art kisses feet, that is quite the philosophical claim of yours. Do you want to substantiate that? Does this still get to count as a poem if I depart from the line-breaks? Who are you to make the rules? “Things are what they are, A=A, things have their name for a reason.” And art is disgusting and kisses feet.

Weird, I miss this form after that paragraph

I’m insulting the head of state, the King of France, Badiou, in my own way here.

Not even exiled! What a mark of shame.

Disguising philosophy with poetry to accuse his philosophy of not being philosophy

Poets are supposed to be ironic, right? I’m new to this.

One does get the impression I can get away with anything I want in this form, no? Or rather it’s judged more aesthetically than morally. Wait, “this form”

Right right, this form

Poets are deceivers in never talking about themselves like this

“Your poem stinks!”

I’m not flattering the head of state here,

so what does that make any of yours?

Poetry is media

I’m accusing all of them of less than stinking

“The function of art is to serve the state.”

Only a disgusting person who doesn’t understand art would believe that.

More, avoiding acknowledging the head of state itself lacks beauty

Philosophy lacking truth, art lacking beauty

No wonder the people who approach it for help end up ignorant and ugly

“This poem is ugly!”

I told you, it’s not a poem. It’s supposed to be true- and is it not?

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