Government ministers? This might not be a bad idea

Mathematics should absolutely be considered not just as a scholarly discipline tasked with selecting the people who will be engineers or government ministers but as something that’s extremely interesting in and of itself.

Trying to see what this, as Badiou calls it, “extremely elitist” discipline is up to. This is from 2015. The statement above would not fly in the US. I’m not a math person myself, I can just relate to many of the things he says when he talks about it. This is from In Praise of Mathematics – he also has books called In Praise of Theatre and In Praise of Love – I wish that this was /ourguy/!- unfortunately not. Badiou is, nonetheless, Other, so I continue returning to him.

Let’s see if he can do this

That’s the generic problem of all education. You have to convince the people you’re speaking to that they have good reason to be interested in mathematics, for example.

I can already sense 95% of people going “No thanks!” Yeah me too, I’m fighting myself though. A “Pessoan Self Multiplication”. Speaking of that he says Pessoa’s poetry is mathematical, and that all great art is. Something else I’d like him to explain!

So, like Beauvoir and many many other French, he says Sartre was his main influence- and then he realized Sartre didn’t understand math. I can relate to that- most of my favorites weren’t mathematicians in any sense whatsoever.

Hermeneutic of suspicion detected

This is interesting

Mathematical elitism where creativity is concerned is extremely exclusive; it’s the most exclusive of all possible elitisms.

No one doubts it either, right? It has that aura about it. Mathematicians are beyond reproach and we believe they deserve to be. Whether that’s faith on our part is another story. There are parallels between them and the walking Talmuds here, clearly. A “mathematically sound moral and political science” they are believed to have, no? That’s not so objective as the mathematicians- it might as well be interpreted as objective though.

Simply because mathematics exemplified a knowledge process that “held up on its own,” so to speak. In other words, when you’ve got a proof, well, you’ve got a proof! This is nothing like when truth is proclaimed by a priest, a king, or a god.

-rubbing hands together- Using the example of math to cause relativism about the political order…

“Cows who just want to eat” are not going to be concerned with math.

What he says as a response to people interested in philosophy today who don’t care about math is making me laugh, it’s nice to see someone care about something

And in my view that’s an offense. It’s an offense against the imperative of rationality that was slowly worked out and established by the great history of philosophy

Finally, someone being offended over something that matters. Yes, yell at me more, old man, I like being yelled at about things that matter.

Nothing heavy about this at all

I’ll focus on the concept of infinity, its history, and the contemporary state of the question and its consequences… when you say the word “infinity,” you actually have no idea what you’re talking about

I bet Badiou loves this then

What do you mean there’s something “evil” about levelers? I can’t understand that at all. Heh I have a hunch that they can only respond to that sarcasm with the level of confusion the kid above has. Retards defend fellow retards. 3,000,000 + 3,000,000 = don’t bring that up or else. The infinite debt, mention that for once, Mr. Badiou.

For totally reasons than Laruelle I see why Badiou is dangerous though. Pretty much status quo politics are justified using elaborate mathematical jargon. You find this manifest in multiple ways in different types of people. Whatever it is they have an elaborate understanding of, they use it to legitimize being someone with basic, convenient, safe beliefs. You’re not foolin me pal, I have an elaborate understanding of YOU!

Badiou is worth reading though, no doubt. Not something that can be said about every shill out there.

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