What’s this about

evidence that Easterners do not hold as positive an attitude toward humor as their Western counterparts do

This is written by Asians- they presuppose humor is a coping strategy.

If you want to hear something funny, I was looking for books on speculative fiction before this and found one on futuristic plants, with a chapter about “alternative reproductions”, and I clicked out of that one, because I don’t want to know about using plants for that.

You know what, I want to know more about that now, now that I say that. This is a thing apparently

There’s something Kantian about that idea- human beings not used as means to an end. Feminism can be Kantian in this sense. Learn from plants so women don’t have to be baby-machines. Is there anything funny about that to you?

Empathizing with a plant is a step I never expected progs to take, I have to admit

vegetal being is marked and characterised by its own temporality, inhabiting timescapes that lie outside human experience, including the normative events and stages of human reproductive processes.

She’s talking about “hybridity” in this context. Is this a form of “indisciplinarity”? What we can learn from plants?

What do plants have that we don’t?

This is consistent proggism at least- a consistent prog would never even step on grass.

With nanotechnology we could theoretically create intelligent beings that live on every blade as a skyscraper. Why stop there though, wouldn’t we want the skyscrapers themselves to be sentient too?

Is there a “trajectory of life”? If we made all wild animals sentient would that be a good thing? Better than being blind and unconscious, right? Do animals have “souls”? It would be better if they did, wouldn’t it?

Isn’t that how women these days feel, like they’re expected to be plants, and they don’t like that? Just a means to an end. Might as well be a bowl of brussels sprouts. Or a potted houseplant that’s pretty to look at?

When you escape into some mind-numbing activity aren’t you being a plant in a way? It seems like many people kind of envy plants. And at the same time fight to not be seen as a plant. So which is it?

You think our feminists here are deranged in their repulsion at the sight of a baby, look at this from South Korea

imagines living only on water and light, as she believes plants do; instead of being inseminated with a human child by her cloddish husband or predatory brother-in-law, like a plant she will give birth to flowers if she stands on her hands and spreads her legs to the sun.

Try not to wince- what I often call “leveling” IS a movement toward plant-life.

If you think of that lawnmower concept, society is already plant-like as it is.

It might sound like “magical realism” when I say it, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration that a consistent prog would be a vegan, and a consistent vegan would seek to reproduce with a plant because they recognize its subjectivity. It’s not an exaggeration, that seems like the telos of the prog project. And most of them don’t have the integrity to go vegan, because they’re fine with cognitive dissonance, mostly because it’s not about principles to them, it’s about the status of the day.

Twerking on a fern, I can see the genre now.

I’ve told you about some of those weird romance genres I’ve seen- some of them might surprise you

our richly entangled relations of fear and desire with an array of non-human others, and it investigates a question central to ethics: is it possible for a human – indeed, for any being – to live without doing violence to others, to be radically innocent?

While we’re here, I might as well express a thought I had to any readers of mine who might be LOC (ladies of chocolate) – the chances that you’re going to be a single mom are pretty high so you might as well go to a sperm bank and pick out the kind with good “stats”, i.e. European, intelligent, attractive. The world would be a better place that way. Have you ever looked up the rate of single moms among brown women? Might as well have a kid who might be able to escape the cycle somewhat.

Some believe the trajectory of life is toward sentience, others believe it is toward plant-consciousness. The reality is it’s up to you which one is true. A surprising many choose plant-life.

This is an oracle that shows the core of the prog worldview, waiting to be unfolded

Taking plant-thinking as the basis for a new ethics… we can learn about being human from taking the vegetal other seriously.

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