Bridget Jo, Bridget Jo, do you even know what the goal of your feminism is? “Do whatever I want whenever I wanna.” The problem with intersectionality is that all the different bioleninists are too nice to each other. What would a class-interpretation of Bridget Jo yield? You’re not doing what you want, you’re doing what your class wants. Aristocratic feminists wouldn’t be subordinate to the kagal. They try (poorly) to mimic men, that’s their modus operandi. Okay let’s be precise about that- it’s prole-bourgeois men they’re mimicking. And in the more disgusting cases they’re mimicking less-than-proles. I have nothing against proles, they tend to be more grounded than the bourgeoisie. They’re too grounded though, they don’t really care to go above and beyond in any sense, and they’re content with the simple things in life. Ostensibly, leftism seeks to improve proles, women, and “ethnics”. Does it improve them, at all? I don’t see it. Bridget Jo, you’re perfect, you don’t need to improve one bit. And the farmer’s daughter type is so far away from the various ethnics, and nothing is done to improve them either, cuz dey aint got nothin wrong wid em. Their similarity is perfectly encapsulated in the way they both say “y’all”. With the whites it’s more ironic- nonetheless I don’t think it’s a coincidence, they both understand each other as simple creatures. Like I’ve said before, the way leveling manifests is “you’re going back to the farm”. Ya’ll are already there I reckon.

So, I’ve mostly said “what it’s not”. What IS it then? While you might not notice all the time because it’s difficult to perceive through text, I am a very sarcastic person. Or you know that all too well and that’s why you hate me, either. Most days I’m basically here desecrating a monument. Graffiti is for the lazy and unimaginative ya’ll. People are in such awe of the monument. I stand in front of it and do some kind of mocking “act”. Whatever discipline I choose to use at a given time. That’s how all these types could “improve” in my opinion. They settle for a low-class relation to the monument. Because they’re too in awe of it. Tens of millions of human beings were murdered to create it! So it’s understandable, that awe. While I respect the dead myself, I interpret their deaths differently, which is perceived as blasphemously. I’ll go ahead and brag, I think the standard way of relating to it is irreligious and betrays the fact that people don’t understand respect. It’s so crude and unthinkingly emotion-based it only invites mockery. I think Shahak is on to something saying that once the last survivor dies it will begin fading away. And they might already be waiting in the wings preparing to reinvigorate the types of emotions they exploit for their own advantage when it does fade. Anyway, I always talk about the “state religion” as if it’s something separate from me- it’s not, I am part of it, I have my own version of it. I educated myself with materials they tried to bury after the monument was built. How? I dunno. What I do know is that we can distinguish a folk religion from a religion, and designate the former as being excessively ignorant. It’s a learning process, it’s not going to happen overnight- as I’ve said, some of the finest minds cannot let go of their idolatry. It’s the ultimate sublimity of our time, they are enthralled to the very core of their being. You know how football games are simulacra of war battles? Imagine one of those really “gripping” ones where you’re jumping out of your la-z-boy going crazy pretzels raining everywhere four seconds left on the clock a hail mary it’s a touchdown, the greatest game of all time, now magnify that by about 1000 and that’s World War 2. It is the Sun that everything revolves around. It is beyond any artwork. It is beyond the Bible. You can’t expect to just snap them out of it. Especially the ones who only like the simple things in life. I can relate to those people pulling down the statues, thing is, the real statue is in the spirit realm. People identify with it too strongly, it’s at the very seat of their consciousness (conscience) – when you tear that down they perceive it as themselves being teared down. Because they are. They are its clones. Their core identity is to partake of its essence. Thinking of it in terms of football, a ref flagged the play and they don’t care because “war is war”, gameover. Okay, what are you celebrating, international bankers turning you into monkeys? I’d like the refs to give the game a closer review. They won’t, so I do it myself, and find all sorts of ways that both sides were disreputable. I just like to know the details, and it changes the way I think about the world. The Jews were never good people to us, they always put themselves first at our expense. And they’re continuing to do that in the present. And I think of them too as being thrown under the bus with the other bioleninists. Can we just have a personal chat for a second? Do you want to tell me that the typical behavior of the modern day Jew is the way of an ideal human being? No one is being “improved”, including them. I feel sorry for all of these types, it’s reminiscent of a tribalistic fetishism that is too superstitiously self-absorbed to realize its irreverence toward the true god. Do I know what that is myself? No, I know what a folk religion is and I keep my distance from it. I don’t know if their brains are able to do it, honestly. That just might be what they are. They’re built to be fetishists who are able to wash the paint off their body so to speak. All I’m saying is they might dance around the monument with utmost reverence and I’m dancing with them, it’s just that I have a self-aware mockery to my movements. And the next day after the festival is over I dress up like a mime and perform absurd blasphemies in front of it. People take offense at that because I’m mocking them, not just their monument. This is a self-awareness that could help them all improve IF they were able to cognize it. It’s nothing to me, and it could be nothing to you. The point is that Bridget Jo, Bridget Jo!, is a very humble girl. And from off the reservation Jews look like pathetic, depraved creatures. They don’t have to be that way.

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