Today in “What is”

It was the thought of this book which inspired my previous post. Not anything specific in it, just the idea of it, how deadly of a book it is, being on the subject of the world history of foundations. Once you see how reverent people were about their given foundation in different times and places across the world, our own foundation begins to seem pretty meaningless. Someone as radical as Derrida, perhaps the anti-foundationalist par excellence, would never even have thought to touch this foundation- that’s how powerful it is, that’s what level of reverence it imbues its subjects with. The reverence might as well be who they are on an atomic, a quantum level.

Just look at the chapters alone, it’s so poisonous

Ours is never recognized as a foundation. That’s part of its hold on people. They’re too reverent toward it to even acknowledge what it is. Maybe for those who prefer the ketman approach, it would be more palatable to simply acknowledge it rather than criticize it like I do, I think that’s too much for most people. If they were aware of it without thinking that it was bad, that could be a step toward its obsolescence.

I’m going to draw from a book specifically on reverence here though – a working definition

the capacity to have feelings of awe, respect, and shame when these are the right feelings to have.

This book looks at this capacity as it manifested among the Ancient Greeks and Chinese, thus you can see that these emotions of awe, respect, and shame do not necessarily need to be expressed in our particular cultural pattern. What would you be most reverent about if you could choose? “I can choose, what are you talking about?” Not really. The bee fears flying too far away from the hive. Because if it’s noticed that it’s too well-traveled it won’t be allowed back in, and it’s easy to notice, so even radicals tend to retain a genuine reverence for the folk religion. Do you feel shame when you think about those striped pajamas? Or one might consider the good old Englishman Land’s respect for Churchill. Won’t we always have nostalgia about the church on the hill, or what have you, growing up? Images of beauty are imprinted on our nervous system. Our conditioning is like a dream.

I’m simply reverent about reverence itself, and I want to know if we’re reverent about the right thing. This is seventh-circuit reprogramming, you might want to think about this stuff after dosing LSD- perceiving it from the egoic state will in many cases only render “Devil! Devil! Kill it!”

I never get tired of saying that step one is recognizing the difference between the Old Testament and the Talmud. “Muh Muhnorah” – a beautiful imprinted image superimposed over the historical reality. This is a war in heaven, and this is like grabbing a jid by the collar up there. What a diseased rodent, you should have been more careful about hiding in the shadows. There are shadows up here too, which are only perceivable from a certain altitude. To the ones living in them they aren’t recognized as such. “Where, where are you talking about? You’re probably sitting in a chair.” Am I?

“Devil! Kill it!”

Nah, I get that certain Jews interpret their elders as “boomers”. Almost all of them I doubt will lose their reverence for them though. “We stick together. We survive. No matter what.” It’s a sacrifice of the goyim which they existentially have no qualms with whatsoever. This is who rules over you, people who can sacrifice you like it’s nothing–and do. Still feeling reverent toward them? Our religious big brother who never left the medieval age.

While you might think this is something casual since you’re so used to reading it here, one needs to literally sacrifice everything to even talk about it in any well-thought-out manner. So many things of the world I’ve turned away in order to do so. It’s why I have such disdain for humanity- they only play life on easy-mode. The reverence I speak of is real. You risk death if you make light of it. You might notice that if a grifter ever does broach the question of the foundation it is in a cosmetic manner. This is part ketman and part they don’t have anything nuanced to say. Because they don’t actively study it. Because they want to retain reverence in order not to be exiled by the hive. Because they want recognition from this decadent culture and the set of boobs to play with that is part of the package. That’s the “deal with the devil” they make. In this sense they’ll screech about blasphemies against the monument just like any mindless prog. “If you don’t love the hive I hate you.” Rotten corpses that perpetuate their rot across the millennia. Can’t take anything seriously, especially the gravest matters. Everything is a game to them even when they give the appearance of being serious. All friendship and family while being reverent to the hive is false. “Our little secret that we both made a pact with evil” – that’s the nature of all relations with this model of culture. Sell-outs shaking hands with sell-outs. What gets me the most honestly is the love dimension. Could you love someone who has reverence for this hive? Two frauds reproducing more frauds. You only deserve irreverence. How meaningful, to just accept your gruel. And in many cases show gratitude for it! Me and muh gruelwife. Everything is so jewed. I only handle it with a hazmat suit myself. Crossing mental horizons with it is a damning contamination with irreparable consequences. Pretty simple formula- if in any way you bless this order you are cursed. And intrinsically, being cursed means coping about being cursed and rationalizing that you’re not. “Muh gruelcolleagues, muh gruelchildren. I’m gruel muhself!” It’s a thought that’s too much for them to endure.

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