I’ve already reached my slaughterhouse limit for the day unfortunately. There’s only so much suffering that’s allowed. It’s fine, Bridget, it’s fine, I’m trying to walk you through this. If it makes you feel better, you’re not even that different from like an upper-middle mindset. You don’t even really have a choice anyway. Individuals and culture tend to be one, you’re just pulled with it wherever it goes. You can have freewill and decide for yourself, that’s all I’m trying to show you. It’s certainly easier to merge one’s personality with the culture. The chances are, I’m talking to the culture now as much as you since they’re so merged. They don’t even allow perspectives like mine in public because they’re so harmful. Do you want to be one of those people that is harmed? It only harms them because they are perceived to be so sickening. Like I said, if even upper/middle-class men can’t escape I can’t expect much from you and don’t really hold it against you. You have no one in this culture who tries to hold you to a higher standard. Hate me for that I guess, plenty have and plenty do. I literally can’t think of anyone who tries to do that for you. It’s partly your type’s own fault too because they shriek at any hint that they aren’t flawless, so people avoid all that. The brute fact is that people are just trying to get laid. I see the Bridgets as more of my sister. They don’t care, all they care about is “optics”. Okay, put the schmoozes to all of them with that. Doesn’t actually help anyone, though I admit that sometimes it can preserve a normal way of life, which is better than anything our culture offers us as an option. That isn’t my “role” I guess you could say. If you want to strive toward Nietzsche’s Übermensch then you’ll have to follow my advice.

Reminds me of something from that book on Stendhal

he hoped one day to find a love that might, however improbably, take the form of a perfect coincidence of two freedoms.

You can laugh at me if you want, I don’t care. I’m simply miserable without that. If you follow the mainstream that isn’t going to happen at all. Stendhal died alone, I’m pretty sure, so. Whatever, at least I throw the ideal out there.

You can’t know what freedom is unless someone like Faurisson makes you laugh. If you always have to be on the defensive against him then you are in a sort of cage.

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