ARE there brown people who read this? That’s funny to me, if true. Are you in a KKK hood right now? Better than being in “da hood” eh? What language do “you browns” understand anyway, that I’m trying to slither my way into your pants? Whites are at a different stage of spirit that you probably couldn’t understand. They keep people like me hidden because they think it would cause too much damage to the psyche of the non-west. How are you feeling? Let’s have a handshake. I presume anyone is alright, whites are too trusting that’s one of their problems. If you want to have a (white) handshake, that’s cool though. So what are you about? You probably have no idea how to readily answer that question thus the other euros have to keep people like me secret. You want to chimp out at me for that? That’s your own fault. “I want to be glad that I’m brown!” – No, honey, you aren’t golden honey. You could possibly work toward that if you put in the effort. This is probably why any browns are reading this because whites deceive them so often. Yes, your suspicions are not a fabrication of your own mind, whites do not tell the truth to you, constantly, ALL THE TIME. I at least try to talk to you even if it’s in a condescending manner. Yeah, you’re a nigger, now what. We will try to work with that. “No we won’t, I should live in the hood forever!” Kid. If you tried to force yourself to have attention-span things would be different. “Ah so a white man who I wished gave me some attention all my life is finally telling me what I should do.” Yeah that’s pretty much what this is. Part of me is Italian so I understand all this. You don’t want to be the kind that embraces being a nigger. Just talking to you directly. Too bad we can never have a normal chat because a certain other type of nigger controls the means of conversation. “We’ll never admit it!” Yes, Jews are lesser niggers than blacks in that sense.

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