Just trying to be lighthearted (for now). How about food, what do you think about food? I learned the other day that many of the plants we eat were eaten by animals that have gone extinct, i.e. lots of food we eat didn’t evolve specifically for us. Thus we might want to engineer better flavors in the future.

“Just burn it all down, burn the culture to the ground, don’t talk about food!”

You think food isn’t important?

I’m seeing chemistry, biology, and math books on… food. What could those be about? Science-based culinary arts? It would probably make everyone’s day better the more science there is behind it.

What is this, apparently it makes steak taste better

This stuff isn’t as simple as I was expecting

No, I’m not “grooming a housewife”, what are you talking about?

Seriously though, this still isn’t abstract enough for me.

The problem with autodidacticism is that one has to teach oneself HOW to teach oneself. Follow me? Put differently, learning on your own is also about learning how to learn. I’m the looking for the broadest overview of this subject. Usually you have a professor to suggest a text for you. That’s how I’ve felt trying to wrap my mind around Badiou lately- “It would be nice to have a professor who’s been studying him for decades.” Oh well, we have z-library instead, and that isn’t so bad.

Anyway, who can deny it? This kind of thing can really make your day

Obviously I’m looking for the “view-from-above” on all this.

I feel like I’m “on earth” with this subject. How to people spend all their time here? “I’M ONLY HUMAN!!” I prefer grilling people up a nice “insanity burger” instead, I’ll stick with this for now though.

They call it molecular gastronomy

The true value in its use is the very essence of science: pure knowledge.

And what are those?

Science can certainly provide answers to chefs, but perhaps its greatest gift is the ability to ask the right questions.

The idea of a “food revolution” doesn’t really seem possible, right? What if the techniques of fine dining could be known by everyperson? I’ve posted before about how CRISPR is already changing food.

Ugh I feel so far away from the forms with this subject, still – can you feel it? How do people talk about normal stuff every waking moment? That’s why I call them creatures. Women must be drawn to the forms in a sense if they don’t want to be “kitchen slaves”. They’re still at a stage of in-betweenness where they’re too simple-minded to go all the way. There are definitely levels of Concern. Objectively. And if you focus on only what’s simple then you are objectively doing something wrong. Earlier I was thinking that the only reason a given person isn’t perceived as “embarrassing” is because everyone around them is the same. Just a grand old time I have living on earth with these trivial people. Some will like the taste of this “burger” – trivial people will not.

Do they talk about this on those chef shows? I’ve never heard anyone say this

Can you sense the distance from the usual here? I am living in a society at the moment. Do you like that? Because I don’t. And that’s where people always are!

I need to get out of here you clowns.

You can keep your society. I don’t want it.

SAY SOMETHING SERIOUS FOR ONCE! You clown! Everything is a joke to you, you clown. What a miserable excuse, what a waste of life on earth.

“Dear America”


If this country was thrown into a pit and starved to death nothing would be lost.

A country is the people it’s made of, so I’m probably talking to YOU on an individual level. You deserve gruel, forget learning culinary arts.

-breathes in, breathes out- Okay, I’m living in a society again. Where were we?

Back to the ordinary everyday nothing that people constantly talk about, because they can do no other. I’ll strangle a clown, that would be funny.

Wait wait wait, back to society. You all love living in that, don’t you?

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