This ought to be good

Please don’t tell me this is gossip about gossip, Karen.

I should have looked this up a whiiiiile ago. This is one of the main problems of society. Talking about nothing constantly. If you do that you need to sit in time-out. You’re not an adult.

This is for the quarrel between philosophy and poetry file as well, because one of the less flattering ways to perceive poetry is as “chatter”.

Prattle, blabber, jabber, if you took that away from some people you’d be taking their life from them.

Okay Karen, let it out, let’s hear your excuse Karen, I want to give this its day in court

few people admit actually to participating in it

Apparently lots of disciplines have studied this- history, literary criticism, psychology, philosophy, anthropology

If gossip really were only, or mostly, how it is described in much of the literature, it should stagger the imagination that we not only indulge in it so regularly but also make use of it. Surely, we have better things to do with our time.

Do we, really? You don’t say?

This is one of the most sacred cows of all.

Let’s just encapsulate it- Are you proud of being a simpleton?

For once in your life. Some people go their entire life doing nothing besides jabbering.

If chatter is your life I will take that right away from you. I’ll take your life away from you!

It’s mine now, I’m holding it in my hand. I just threw it somewhere, over the hedge.

This is just a lost cause, I already know it. You can’t simply take everything from someone.

From Quora

I abhor it because it lacks sincerity and meaning.

Why would you want to do something that is like that?

It makes people feel “cozy”. Ideally, it’s something that’s supposed to lead to something more important. That doesn’t really happen, it just remains at chatter about nothing. The most glorified form is seen in the pedant, and that might as well be chatter too.

It gives me pause when I reflect on how the academy does nothing besides chatter. And that isn’t even an exaggeration. So much meaninglessness, everywhere.

Okay, I’ll say it, you were probably thinking it- no one talks about the “sacred shrine”. Everything is a distraction from that. You are simply a jibber-jabbering chimp under its spell. Sometimes, terrified, you might slowly turn your head to look at it, then whip your head back, stunned, and carry on with the babbling.

Doesn’t that seem to be one of the most important things in life, to talk about “the sacred”? Do you know what kind of person talks only about profane things? A profane person does that.

There are objective levels of discourse

What is meaningful? How about what the culture finds sacred and is silent about? Are you afraid?

The invisible center that everything orbits. It orbits, and it’s always facing away from the center. What if the entities orbiting it were to turn and look at it, then begin talking to each other about it? That would not be chatter, would it.

How trivial everything is next to the Core.

Millions and millions of people base their life on it. And you’re expected to orbit it, facing away?

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