No, you’re pleasant to be around.

Speaking of works that are difficult to understand, how about W. B. Yeats’ A Vision? Thankfully there appears to be a secondary text on it, because similar to Finnegans Wake, I find this quite “unreadable” yet interesting.

Yeats is that poet who was a member of the Golden Dawn, and this is his occult work.

No, not everything has to be political, my pleasant friend

Whoops how’d that headline get there?

Anyway, another poet-mystic, George Russell, believed it was an untimely work that wouldn’t be discussed for a century, and it was published in 1925.


Yeats’s occult belief passes into his social and political beliefs.

If you’re reading this you’re not a fascist at all, don’t worry about it. You just have an interest in eminent poets of the 20th century, right? My pleasant friend? You wouldn’t want to learn about an esoteric religion grounding a politics that would have a bunch of people murdered so that society could be set into Order because, that’s why, because.

See, you can relax

an attraction to or application of the occult does not necessarily imply odious political affiliation

To be honest with you, I would have a coffee cup of fresh blood every morning if I were able to get away with “harvesting” the right people. That doesn’t have anything to do with you, you’re just on the hunt for fascists on the internet! Don’t you recognize any sorrow in the way the objects orbit without facing the center?

People familiar with Yeats’ less esoteric work might resonate with this terminology

He said he drew the same general conclusions as Spengler, so the cyclical history theme again with him too. He claims that Spengler’s main source is Vico. Is this old thinker forgotten–on purpose? Seems like if he was so crucial for Joyce he’d be less obscure.


the sense of a new start or of regeneration after a phase of crisis or decline… a generic term for the vision of a radically new beginning which follows a period of destruction or perceived dissolution.

Recall here the worldplay of “wake” in the title Finnegans Wake. Waking up at your wake. It’s funny that the woke have led us to being at our wake which we have to wake up from.

Yeats is pretty well-known – this side of him, not exactly

If any Government or party undertake this work it will need force, marching men.…There is no such government or party today; should either appear I offer it…what remains to me of life.

How DOES one wake up from a woke wake?

Yeats wanted to summon forth an “avatar” similar to the way Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano describe it. An incarnation of the divine in the form of a leader.

This can be said of our overlords today

a time
Half dead at the top

So, what isn’t chatter? Talk of the ruling-class and what to do about them- that would be a start.

There might be a few in America I’d trust, just throwin the idea out there- someone has to do it

I love digging up these old poets.

Amusing realism

Doubtless I shall hate it [fascism] (though not so much as I hate Irish democracy)

Something needs to be done, too much rot in the highest echelons spreading rot to the population. No doubt about it. And there’s only one real answer to that.

Keep talking about nothing all day instead.

My pleasant friend! How I admire you. You’re not someone who’s useless at all, not someone who we need an autocratic leader FOR. Not YOU!

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