Interesting that these two things were erased, almost as if they were connected somehow

What was that group he was a member of really about anyway?

Forget your national poet’s divine higher self and its connection to politics, what could go wrong?

I know people see it as one larp stacked on another larp, and… I disagree. Just theoretically speaking, an esoteric order wouldn’t necessarily have to precede an “avatar”, it just wouldn’t hurt either.

The only reason people tolerate our regime is because they’re disconnected from their higher self. The regime itself is disconnected from its higher self, and it clones its subjects in its own image.

Remember this?

Would a “tyrant” hypothetically be so bad if they attained to the highest mystical initiation? Someone has to say it. If we could “start over” with all of our politicians, what would we be looking for? Suffice it to say that being active in an advanced spiritual system would be better than not. If the US fragmented into patches that would be an appealing thing to hear about the leader of one of them.

Speaking of “crossovers”, maybe this will warm you up to the subject in question

it was this arresting power of the image that he saw poetry and magical ceremony to have in common.

Think of it as interactive art if you need to. People might not be able to “believe” in the symbols of hermeticism without at least slightly thinking of it that way.

We should just scrap the terms “fascism” and “magic” altogether due to the stigma they have today. It’s just that if you want to learn from past models, that’s what they’re called.

Funny to think of like sixteen year old me imagining myself in the future saying the above statement. “Uhhh…?” You won’t understand, kid, sorry.

I don’t think I’m the only one who likes the idea of “right-wing religious orders”. What existing institution actually offers that? I would like to have one of those down the street! Are you “larping” by being a recluse on the internet? Who probably has a mental illness or two? I’m just formalizing that “this would be a good thing”. Especially if the thesis is accurate that “philosophy” originally had a ritual element. That’s a kind of crossover that restores our “fragmented selves”. We don’t have to live in a society all the time, we can make our own society within this one. Ironically it would take a magical act of will itself to create such a society, and we all have to work together to do that. “Okay, just don’t call it that.” I’m not going to call it “religious” either, there’s no word for it that really works. I just like to call it rangordnung as a diametrically opposite counter-concept to the reigning equalism.

Hyper-individualism is only going to be an obstacle

Yeats begins with ‘we have agreed’, though in fact he was very much aware of the general disagreement, even in the Second Order, over one of the most controversial subjects of the day among the intelligentsia to whom it was directed.

Are you not a fan of “gruelworld”? Well sorry if the alternative sounds like a cult

“Okay I’m out of here!”

Alright, I wasn’t talking to you then. The Stendhals and the Mme Rolands. I’m only formalizing how best to escape the kagal egregore. It is through a group that is not affiliated with any of the institutions of today. Some zoomer who disagrees with me about most things can do something with this general form, supplying it with their own content. Younger generations don’t have something like this. We can learn Yeats, we can learn from the Golden Dawn, etc. etc. Call it larping, okay, also call it larping when you’re miserable on social media and video games all day. When I contemplate the question of “What isn’t chatter?” this is what I think of. A coup, for one, and a “religious” order in the meantime, one of whose aims is to facilitate such a coup. Sorry that someone decides to talk about serious things for a change. And you’re not going to find this from the griftocrats either. That’s similar to how the christian church these days “mysteriously” teaches prog values. Mysteriously kissing the feet of kikes, okay. Mysteriously never being racist or sexist or toxic in general – wow! What a mystery! You’re a shill, shut your fucking mouth.

This is the response that everyone who schmoozes the regime deserves and I don’t care if that makes them mad. You are a bunch of monkey people and I don’t tolerate you at all, and I want to make you into a rare burger, because that’s what you’re worth to me.

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