“Why should I read someone who is so disrespectful to me?”

I don’t remember saying your name. I address “Americans in general” and if you identify with them then you deserve everything you get.

Most people with places of power in our society should all be publicly humiliated and shamed in the public square, preferably by being pelted with rotten vegetables. Do you identify as someone who deserves that?

Do you want society to get better or not? Because that is what is needed. Even worse than that. Many should be beaten to near-death, if not to death.

If you strive to immanentize the third world you deserve far worse than mean words.

Do you think a voluntary slave deserves to be treated with any respect?

You deserve to be forced to only go out in public wearing a barrel and suspenders. That’s the kind of fool that you are and everyone should know when they see you. People should legally be allowed to push you over and roll you around anywhere they want.

Okay, let’s stop playing around here. You are a fascist. Whatever you want to call it, you have a split personality if you are reading this because you can’t be a certain way in public. The public is in the barrel and suspenders and you can laugh at it and kick it down a hill if you want. Unless you feel like you’re kicking your own self down the hill? Who are you? Why are you here, tell me. It’s plausible that you are some type of remnant that has continued to exist despite the sacred monument being built. If you have a split personality it is because everything in our culture since you were born has been trying to make you one personality that is beholden to the monument. You theoretically don’t have to be that way, I am not that way, I have an integrated self. It’s a matter of asking yourself who you are, I’m not going to tell you, I just wonder why you’re here, after all the terrible things I’ve said. What is going on with you? Who really are you?

When I yell at people do you feel like I’m yelling at you? Why is that? Why do you visit here anyway? Do you agree that someone should be yelling at you? That’s only conclusion I can see. So why be the kind of person who deserves to be put in a barrel and suspenders? If you’re at the grocery store like that do you think people are going to take you seriously? You’ll probably be blushing and looking at the ground. Why do you think you deserve that? Just saying, if you feel accused and then continue to visit this page there’s a good chance you believe that you do deserve that. Time to figure out who you really are, because I can’t tell you, I can only infer. Sorry if you’re a “Nazi” and ashamed of it, I doubt there’s a therapist out there for that mental illness, and it must be tough to live with a battle between your own selves. You are the same person who wants your own self to be forced to go out in public wearing a barrel and suspenders, that can’t be healthy. I really wonder who your truest self is, and no professional out there is going to help you with that, because all of them want one side of the occident snuffed out. That can’t be good for you to have to live like that. I’ve embraced the side of the occident they interpret as evil because that’s who I am.

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