Sometimes I see a fellow-traveler who I knew from many years ago, and I wonder how they’re doing, outside of their public persona. “That doesn’t exist.” I think that many people use “accelerationism” as a brand and I just see it as a reality. Certain people’s brain have been pushed faster than they can possibly go. I’m just a normal person who wants to know “what’s up” with you, and no one is able to know about that. Jesus Christ dude, you’re hocking state wares? And then I wonder if there are some who are so good I wouldn’t be able to find them. If you really want to separate yourself from the state then the illusion of the “glorious digital revolution” has to go. People writing away from the internet. I know this is difficult to accept. I’ve tried my best to not perpetuate the status quo with this technology. The same can’t be said for people without that goal.

Forget about that though, this is an ode to readers of mine who have endured the suffering because they believe there is something beyond humanity to strive for.

“I have a reason to not feel like garbage?”

You’d heal yourself from that feeling if you actively promoted some of Plato’s ideas, you’d be someone who society will want to burn at the stake though.

Most of society doesn’t want to know about any of that, hence you’re here as an enemy. You believe in schmoozing the regime, you aren’t a friend of mine. You only perpetuate non-humans, because you are a non-human yourself.

“What about your old friends?”

Maybe they are on the internet somewhere.

Mostly it’s a fanatic parade of lousy flatterers. “So you are a sell-out, do you want to explain why?” “No, we simply act as if your type doesn’t exist.” Yes, that’s a sell-out with no dignity. And here we are. I’m sarcastic so often I wonder if my old friends recognize when I’m being sincere. You are being manipulated by Jewish brainwash to believe you should be a nigger. Want to say anything about that, or are you too brainwashed? This is the stage of “accelerationism” as I see it, and few can admit to it. Give me a jewnigger response old friend.

Look, it’s a subhuman.

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