One thinker who most reminds me of the previous post

It’s about seeing the trace of the divine in their face, their language.

No infinity when they’re required to be finite.

Speaking of “the Other”, this is from a Chinese secondary text on Levinas.

They give it all away when they say this

We can ask how this philosophical stance is to be compared to Chinese philosophy, which also takes ethics as its first concern before the initiation of ontology and epistemology, but which grounds ethics and morality in the unity of heaven and man.

The nature of being is subordinate to the Good, the meaning of truth is subordinate to the Good. I really wonder if that itself is “Good”.

Is recognizing the Other as divine possible when they begin from those premises? I personally can’t recognize a deceiver as divine, and that’s the hidden meaning of enshrining the Good as the highest- deceiving. The trace of infinity in the face of a deceiver, don’t make me laugh. You goodists are no good.

From their perspective “it’s Good” to pretend to see infinity there.

The Taoists, as opposed to the Confucians and Levinasians, are closer to my view

They hold that ethical rules cannot capture the creativity required for persons to lead their lives.

The Taoists are more concerned with ultimate reality, whereas the other two respond with “Morality IS the ultimate reality.” So why has there been this debate then for thousands of years, in both the east and the west?

Your so-called ~ethical rules~ are arbitrary and you’ve never bothered to ground them in “ultimate reality”. So, there is no trace of infinity in your face if you are limited by these arbitrary rules. Besides, it’s ethical to be honest. “That’s against the rules!” So what rule says you have to follow those rules? You have to consult ultimate reality for that. So much dishonesty out there that it’s impossible to recognize you as an infinite being.

I forgot how I used to listen to the Tao Te Ching on audiobook while falling asleep as a teen, maybe that’s where I went wrong. The Tao is a similar way of talking about a god above YHWH, or Jupiter in the way I showed you Horace uses the concept.

The problem with our culture’s arrangement of absolutes and the prioritization of the good is that the Tao or ultimate reality is perceived as something bad or evil, and thus one does not have the ability to question whether the conception of the good is true. Furthermore I’ll say again that the ethics-bots are not only not infinite, they’re not even ethical arguably. So they sacrifice the true or the Tao for the good, and they’re not even good. Evil deceivers. I cannot recognize the trace of the infinite in a face like that.

There’s a mystical idea that one can derive from this. It’s only an act of pure spontaneity that can break you out of it. Because it’s part of the rules to listen to the rules. You can’t interpret them from within their own framework because they justify themselves. This sentiment itself is perceived as against the rules by the ethics-bots. It’s not doing away with ethics, it’s reinterpreting ethics through a lens that is external to its self-enclosed system. The paradox is that to get out of that system you already have to be out of it. If you can understand that then you might be able to be perceived as infinite.

Speaking of Levinas, this is another of the thousands of controversial ideas you won’t see in print- that Heidegger sought Being or Tao, or ultimate reality, and he was the sort of German-in-itself, and after the war Levinas sought the good rather than reality strictly speaking. What’s controversial? Well, what does reality want us to do? It’s good to not do that? Okay, what’s reality though? “See what happened when you Germans thought too much about reality? You better be a good goy so that doesn’t happen again.”

If Americans had Taoist spontaneity a civil war would begin today. How cynical is everyone about the powers that be? They continue following the rules regardless. “Biden” isn’t the president and everyone knows it, and other countries laugh at us about it. Y’all just keep following the rules of people who clearly only have their own self-interest in mind. It’s all about their continued control of the “ethics”-bots who they throw a cheap treat to from time to time to keep from revolting. Y’all are doing great, we have some quality citizens in this country alright. No spontaneity allowed, no infinite trace.

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