Moved from Chaucer to an abstraction

what should college students read? This anthology, Debating the Canon, offers an introduction to the controversy

I don’t trust you people! What was left out over the years, the centuries? Possibly there are texts that wouldn’t even be brought up in such a debate because you’d be seen as a “bad person” to suggest it.

This writer references “canonical” books ON the canon from the 80s and 90s. I don’t trust people in the 80s and 90s.

You have to start somewhere I suppose

to read these essays is to be invited to consider why we might (or might not) read and teach what are sometimes called the “Great Books.”

Norman Davies has pointed out the bias toward English books in particular.

Oh good, this writer brings up someone from 1709’s thoughts on this subject.

Already–who is Tully?

It is impossible to read a page in Plato, Tully, and a thousand other ancient moralists, without being a greater and better man for it

Am I ignorant for not knowing who that is? Ah that’s what they used to call Cicero. There might be an “actual Tully” out there somewhere that they’ve excluded from the lists for hundreds of years… This is definitely a dogmatism that needs to be examined.

Again, I’m moving in the opposite direction of those levelers of today who seek to rearrange what counts as a Great Book. People like them are exactly why we should be suspicious about this – their type was likely existent in other ages as well. Harold Bloom includes in his “baker’s dozen” Kafka for instance, heh. I misspelled that as banker’s dozen at first. Some of the writers that Montaigne cites for instance make me wonder “Really, why do you like him, he’s not read at all these days.” Or people these days bring up Hemingway a lot and I’m like Who cares about him?! Lots of recent writers are like that, at least in MY opinion. And this book I’m reading right now on the supposed “classics” begins with a quote from Walter Benjamin, so… Really trustworthy so far. How many people talk like me, it’s so sad. You SHOULD have suspicion when you see something like that. Marxist Jew, fuck you. Haha you had to shoot yourself kike.

Here’s that writer from 1709

I could never read any of our modish French authors, or those of our own country who are the imitators and admirers of that trifling nation

People can easily laugh at the French, can’t so easily laugh at the evilest race in history, strange. Probably because they have been miseducated and cannot judge correctly. Being evil to others was part of their traditional religion, just accept it!

On the French again – who knows??

Their business is to depreciate human nature, and consider it under its worst appearances.

We could have gone in a radically wrong direction centuries ago and we wouldn’t know.

This is why you can’t trust people to rearrange the “suggested books” today

they endeavour to make no distinction… between the species of men and that of brutes.

They go so much further than that today. Only a brute would make such a distinction. In fact, brutes are the standard to learn from, you brute.

Yeah there are so many names I instinctively don’t trust that this writer includes in this anthology. Someone shaped by the books “they” want you to read is telling you about those books. Something impossible about this.

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