Felt the urge to look for the “revenge of France” and looked for what Montaigne thought of other Europeans during that time and found an interesting history of old interpretations of the Other

Even more than Burke, Morgan identified Oceania as the locus classicus of savagery. His book enshrined the notion that Native Australians represented the most primitive surviving human society.

Do you want to just forget about all this and chill out and have some nachos or something. “You sound like you have the predilections of a tasteless individual.” So now you’re the one who’s judging. I like nachos sometimes. Some people are reading this going, “Wait what, what’s wrong with nachos?” I dunno anon, why don’t you ask this Australian about that, she looks like she might know the answer to that

You wanna go have a nacho date with her, she looks like a sweetheart to me. Give her a kiss.

We’re so brainwashed we can’t even wonder about this kind of thing

He specifically selected a phonetic alphabet as the distinguishing mark of civilization in order to exclude the Chinese and other Asian ideographic alphabets.

Marx was a fan of the book that’s from. Times have changed. (Partly because of him.)

I’d have nachos with her if she asked me, I’m sick of all you prejudiced people out there!

Call me a monster for this. 24/7/365 they work to blur this line, and they’re effective at it. Someone has to clarify. People out there are absolutely lost and lowbrow, and that’s “their” plan for you. They systematically condition you to not only not care if you look like that Australian, it’s to the point now that people actively demand that fate. Something evil there, someone has to say something about it.

You might not be able to see into people’s souls. I can to some degree, and they’re more and more resembling that Australian. Think I’m exaggerating, I’m not. That’s not good. Sorry if it’s mean to say. We need to pause our culture and rethink things. A future of eating nachos with people like that, how meaningful. You know what, I memed myself into wanting to eat nachos so see ya later. I hope you can reflect on what’s going on.

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