Just another day of living in a world of uninspiring people to be honest. Yeah you’re a sell-out, thanks for the inspiration. You really help me understand what it is to be noble. What a real human being should seek.

Most people live off of praise, I only live off of revenge, that’s it. That’s the general response to me. I see why you sell your soul, for that easy praise from the absolute morons. You must be content with that.

You’re lucky I masturbate or I’d be a sick person all the time, trust me. That’s what it is too- women control the world and I refuse to be their slave. One question that crosses my mind lately is, does one give a facial to someone who is loved, or is that only for the ones that are perceived as “hoes”? Obviously I’d prefer it all down her throat or in her pussy. Just saying, what are the concrete reasons people who distance too far from society suffer from? Use your imagination. Just some nasty hoes in my city, that aren’t different from the online ones. So inspiring, such a muse. And the people who schmooze the cathedral settle for these busted skanks who probably boss them around.

Do you cowards and whores want to try being human beings some time? I doubt you will. Maybe you’ll surprise me. How about I get one that leans her head back and sticks her tongue out? Just for fun, nothing serious. I’m not sorry to be crude, that’s just the reality of people who are too perceptive for the system in place. Guess I have to wither away.

You don’t have free will, why would I want to be a friend of yours? Almost all Americans disgust me constantly, it’s not a fun time, and it’s years and years now. There’s no respite. Constant witnessing of zoo animals who will never change. The best of them I can use as a fleshlight at least. Do I believe there’s any consciousness involved there? They’d have to prove it. Just never-ending objects with occasional glimmers of light that seem to always give me false hope.

I believe in something higher than existing humanity, I’m sorry if that makes you mad you subhuman.

“I have to protect my way of life of being a sell-out with no dignity”

Yeah and you’re really inspiring too.

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