Here is the future of you niggers

Look, it’s you, living in reality right now, and you can’t accept that you look like a total nigger for some reason? It must be because YOU ARE A NIGGER. There’s no other explanation.

What’s the point of talking to you niggers? Literally nothing, you’re all part of the system and you are jealous of people who question you. Want to answer you bitch? Or should we do this for the hundredth time? It doesn’t matter, you are a bitch, that’s it. You believe in nigger kikes like a coward, probably because you want a cheap whore. Do all those things make you happy? If I saw a Jew, whore, nigger, or coward and had a gun on me I’d probably shoot them in the head if I could get away with it. Thankfully we are only trying to create theatrical productions in this place and the authorities will not seize us because they’d like to see a movie like that too. Unfortunately only the worthless kikes who should be shot in the head without discrimination decide what should be a movie. The people whose country you live in, you mean? Why do you have to beg for Israel you worthless kike? What a bitch. I’ll stomp your skull and female Jews would only laugh. Why can’t you tolerate criticism you worthless kike? As I said, I’m a suffering person over here because you can’t take any joke at all. Are you alright, you kike?

I destroyed your worldview and you are too afraid to say my name so you create distractions from it. What a nigger. What am I, watching the circus, you might as well have black skin you nigger? When has anyone ever seen proven that Jews should be telling us what to do? I’ve never seen it. They only tell us to be jungle people without offering an explanation. You just don’t want anyone questioning you, and you control capital flow so you can do that. What about people who think you’re less than human when you do that? No response. Only continual rationalizations and sell-outs who are beneath the dignity of a human being, all the time, for years, thank you for that experience



Be brown says the jew, and the anglo schmoozer accepts it. A couple of subhumans, when will you accept it. You say Jews, niggers, cowards, and whores are a good thing for society every day. You are a nigger. You can’t even explain yourself because you are such a nigger. How inspiring. You worthless nigger.

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