It’s the one who proved you’re a nigger, fair and square, who you have to hide because of that, nigger. Tell me how it feels. Aren’t you supposed to be in a jungle or something? You know english, that’s a good monkey, and can you express the forms or only flatter jews you obedient ape? We all know the answer. The question isn’t whether a prostitute, it’s which type of prostitute. The one who doesn’t seem like a dumpsterslut. Where’s that one? You must not get whores, cowards, niggers, or jews- this is “progress” – what are you questioning about this scheme? All these subhuman types aren’t on a team against the few who call them out which they want to ban from society for revealing how much of total cunts they are, nigger bitch. You are a monkey you fucking bitch. Nice white skin you worthless nigger, keep making excuses for yourself, enjoy being a monkey in the next life you jew’s slave, how worthless.

Ape in the future, ape already now

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