I just can’t put Laruelle down, he’s too clever

making these disciplines “revolve” around “Man” and no longer “Man” around them

I’m looking at the work from his second period now that was published the year after “the new science of humanity” one I posted about before.

If Badiou pats himself on the back as having written a “great” book of philosophy, why is it that Laruelle seems more innovative? They both could be “great”, maybe they are.

Even though he’s French (heh) he, in my mind, defines “consciousness” in our time–his head is in the heavens–and I mostly want to learn how to appropriate his abstractedness for political philosophy.

He’s mocking this here and I don’t care – when I read him I constantly sense I’m more Laruelleian than Laruelle, “and you can too”

see how I know the author better than he himself, how I myself am a good author, more Kantian than Kant, more Spinozist than Spinoza!

I love how people get furious at me- you’re not furious at me, you’re furious at one of the oldest disciplines of humanity, sorry you can’t keep up kiddo.

Anyway, he’s attempting in this work the destruction of what he calls “the Greco-Occidental style”. He’s beyond Athens and Jerusalem though – this is how he describes Derrida’s relation to Heidegger

the operation, Judaic par excellence, of the inversion of the Greco-Occidental hierarchy

What’s going on in society today? There ya go. Inversions of the Ost. Very controversial to say exactly what is entailed in that. Note that they never invert their inverting ways. They have a core that they proceed from which they never question, and which their very genetics probably prevents them from questioning.

Speaking fairly, I think our culture needs a synthesis of Athens and Jerusalem rather than just pure Athenianism (which I would prefer) given that so many people are clearly fond of the ways of Jerusalem. You know the ones who I’m talking about, the ones with disavowed jealousy who want to tear down their betters. I’m willing to make a concession to them, I want them to have what they want, I only wish that they’d be more mature about how they get it. Their methods are crude. And bring up that idea of “political emotions” again, I can see into what drives them and it’s pretty ugly in many cases. They pursue their goals blindly because they’re so hateful and depraved, and thus they do not achieve their goals. They’re hateful and depraved as an end in itself. Traditionally they perceived goyim as akin to vomit and when they see a sign that they are not that it really gets on their nerves, and prompts them to vomit on us, in myriad ways, some of which have a “zombie effect” which infects goyim to infect other goyim, etc. A bitter barf nation of puke people, it’s already partially immanentized, and it is of their deliberate doing, please let go of the notion that there was any virtue in their motivations.

To get a more precise sense of this dynamic I’m switching over to Laruelle’s more recent book specifically on Athens and Jerusalem – he says this of Christ

he is barely recognizable in his Jewish milieu through his Greek words—a folly for philosophy and a paradox for the Jews

I like to use Strauss against them for this reason. Feel dizzy sometimes?

As seemingly ordinary as Christ is to our culture, people tend not to be able to “sit still” when he’s brought up. He’s enemy number 1 of our political order, under a certain interpretation. If our pseudo-elites somehow converted in droves a good deal of our problems would disappear. If you still think of “dreidels” when you see them you are just hopeless – they are driven by the most wicked hatred, their souls are made of the charred brimstone of hell, and they won’t stop until you exist in the most wretched state possible. Try to squint and look at them that way next time you see them do one of their “inversions” – you might be surprised what you see. It’s a nice matzo man, what are you talking about? Disturbingly, Jewesses often partake of a similar nature to Maxwell, and most of the shiksas are too zombified to recognize it because they’re already so similar. I’d say they should all be sitting right beside Maxwell in prison if that weren’t such an impossible request given that no prison could hold that many people.

Anyway! This is interesting what Laruelle attempts

the fusion of christology and quantum physics “under” quantum theory in its generic power, and no longer under theology.

You might guess that I have my own “heretical” interpretation of Christ. Being able to ground that with contemporary science would be.. precious.

A third option beyond Athens and Jerusalem

To manifest Christ’s message in a nonhermeneutical manner as being neither Greek nor Jewish

Another peculiar aufheben of his is that he claims to interpret Christ neither theologically or philosophically. And if you’re familiar with Laruelle you might expect that he claims to dispense with dialectics as well. Merely that he attempts all of this is something to admire.

If you want to think ambitiously, and you consider yourself part of the let’s call it “centerless Golden Dawn” and see the state-religion as the enemy of enemies, the idea of grounding a criticism of it using quantum theory- that is a deadly notion. I’m not a scientist so I’m not going to do that, just throwing the idea out to someone.

Although logic refutes it, and it remains standing nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt to wrecking ball it with the most updated science as well.

“Logic doesn’t refute it!” Yes it does, you are in denial. Crazy emotional lunatic with pigeon lady schizophrenia.

Zoom out and see Laruelle is doing the cross-discipline thing with science and religion. We can use the form of this for our own purposes, beyond his, in my view, narrow French concerns.

I’ve never seen something like this before

An active thinker (i.e. not merely a scholar) who is trying to carve out a third option. We’re living in a Jerusalemitic order and the few rebellious types who aren’t absolutely beholden to it tend to be Athenian plain and simple without thinking there might be a possible alternative.

People who call it “globalism” or “liberalism” etc. aren’t the kind I’m talking about, because that is arguably a synthesis of Athens and Jerusalem too. That’s just the crude, pleb form of a third option.

If you instinctively imagine our political religion rather than Christianity when you see the word “religious” then you’re probably more scientific than most

Doubtless, religious and theological phenomena precede humans, who are thrown into them; but then, humans precede the science of these phenomena.

He’s a pious Sartrean here whether he realizes it or not. The transcendence of the ego allows it to emancipate itself from its thrownness. This worldview of course has its dangers- I’ve noted that this is the grounding idea of blank-slatism. And its limits are demonstrated by people who observe the state religion be logically refuted and still continue to believe it. They are thrown into the cathedral and they will never escape, that’s “them”, their ego lacks transcendence, it is an object. “I hate how Nazis know about all this stuff!” Object says what? Whites have a freer ego than most, hence I obsess over their preservation. I care about freedom, objects are unideal, and if we need another shoah…

“I don’t care about freedom though!” Hence why you look like a fool.

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