To kidnap Laruelle from non-philosophy is hardly feasible, much less desirable.

I can already see it now- a possible synthesis with Faurisson. One could legitimize the unlegitimizable using some of Laruelle’s ideas. Non-historiography.

The best VR video game ever could be made and I know it won’t be. Peak aesthetic experience taken away.

I’m so glad someone like him exists

The chief aim of his life’s work is to consider philosophy without resorting to philosophy in order to do so.

Escaping the cathedral is one thing, it’s not the essence, it’s only a manifestation of the essence. There are other “cathedrals”.

Ask a shaman about that. This is like a French shaman. Even though he hasn’t thought himself out of the cathedral, he’s thought himself out of other ones.

Something that’s surprised me the most over the years is how much people really do love the cathedral. I wonder if they wish they never even knew about it, and only lived in it. What’s up with that anyway? I don’t know. I think for certain people, they feel ugly when they learn what it is. The cathedral itself is an artwork. People are part of it, it’s living, they want to be art. It’s like not being able to immerse in a B movie. Until someone describes what it is they think it’s a great movie that they can’t take their eyes off. Sorry that you want to be a character in a B movie. Many people certainly fit in very well in that context. It’s almost like it was designed for them.

“It’s not a B movie, it’s my life!” No wonder people hate this. I simply want society to be a better movie. Pretending it’s perfect, that’s never going to happen.

That same kind of logic is what leads me to want to learn more about Laruelle’s approach

From this place “alongside” philosophy, non-philosophy is able to take philosophy as its raw material

I want to be able to understand my own conception of political philosophy as an outsider, I want an antiantiversity.

If you think you already understand that and you have basic prog beliefs just stop lying to yourself please. If you do that then you’re only acting like a typical B movie character. And that is pretty ubiquitous, because people can’t stop being who they are.

People really are just walking around living an aestheticized existence. It’s a mutually-sustaining illusion. Ugly freaks and orcs and morons of all varieties pretending with each other that they’re not that. I think I really get it now. That is what society IS, it IS like art. You don’t think of it like that because you are in society when you look at a painting, say. “Please just stop reminding me.” You’re living in a painting when you look at a painting. I wouldn’t call a painting uh… “real”.

Do I intentionally want to be a monster? No, this is something that needs to be known because our ruling-caste is aestheticized. And what happens when you believe they’re as beautiful as a painting and they’re not? They’ll be doing what they do with a disguise. You don’t think people should know about that? Why would they need a disguise like that? What would disguised ones like them be doing to the population? They certainly try to give them the impression that they’re living in a painting. While creating lives for them that are the opposite of beautiful. So disguised people with disguised plans are creating real realities that reveal what is behind their disguises. And it’s not a painting you find there.

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