Being annoying and looking at the wiki page for “society”

A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same spatial or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.

There’s no way people are getting out of that. I used to be a wishful thinker and believe they could, and they can’t. That’s just the reality. They are “subject to”, and that’s it.

One can only describe its dimensions, and describing it is not going to change their subjection to it. The expectations continue to have a hold on them even when they know that they do.

Are they any freer when they know that they do? Yes, and that is not something that is necessarily a good thing to them. Because that freedom shows them their unfreedom. The frustration that causes leads many to prefer to not be free at all. To know of their unfreedom is a burden.

It’s sad to imagine immigrants from South America and the Middle East who settle down in America only for their kids to adapt to the expectation of having “negro values”. They were probably better off to stay in their old country. The expectation here is for your son to be a lowbrow and your daughter to be a whore. Maybe Guatemala isn’t so bad after all?

And even if the dimensions of society are shown to them they continue to be subjected to it. That is, they have to smile and say they are glad their kids act like ghetto monkeys, have to say they’re glad that cultural expectations are possibly better in some primitive place like Guatemala. These poor Mexicans moving here don’t know what to expect. The illusion is so flawlessly maintained that they might not even notice right off. Warning- turn back to Mexico for your own good. Tolerance of the most wretched form of life here means that you adapt to ways of a people from countries worse off than Mexico. Turn back!

I’ve never thought about it from a Latino perspective. It’s possible for them to be leveled too. Anecdotally at least, I’ve seen some who appropriate the trashiest culture that older Latinos seem superior to. Amigo, your daughter is a prostitute who isn’t paid if you move here, turn back!

And this is where the societylings feel the burden of freedom and prefer not to have it, and realign with the “cultural expectations”. I.e. re-immerse into living as if in a painting. They prefer not to even think about it. White people prefer not to think about how even a Latino is leveled in our culture.

I’d rather deal with the annoying freedom than say nothing about that. Some people are different I guess.

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