So modest, the modesty of it, that’s what’s surprised me, I always thought a lot more highly of people. Just simple humble peasants. They really tell themselves that it’s a coincidence when they just so happen to agree with the status quo.

We live in different worlds, so I’m not sure if we’ll ever “get” each other. What could that be like? Having to tell yourself something is true just so you’re not exiled from the status quo? I can’t imagine what that’s like. I doubt that what you think is true is really true though. I think you just believe it out of convenience. A very modest person. Like I said, I used to think more highly of people. Now I just see them as.. “There’s nothing there.” Another case where there’s probably not studies on it because one would get in trouble for writing about it. The mind is static. You agree with the status quo because you’re forced to. And believing that you’re not forced to is part of the agreement. Your existence is centered around appeasing the majority. And you tell yourself that it’s more than that.

Here’s a thought experiment- have you ever considered whether you are the majority yourself? Everyone thinks they’re special. Very modest people out there, in my experience. A humble simple life is all you ask. By definition, the odds are that you ARE the majority. No, that could never be you, you’re so special and unique.

What’s the difference really, even if you weren’t the majority, if you pander to the status quo and then tell yourself what you believe is true? There’s no difference.

It’s just so easy to see through. All anyone can ever do, for years now, is point out my own imperfections rather than addressing their own. It’s very immature. You know you’re a sell-out, right? First acknowledge that, then we can move on to criticizing me if you’d like, because I think you just use that as a distraction from your own behavior as someone who sold their soul because it was the easy thing to do and besides everyone else does it anyway. I see right through you. And it doesn’t matter, because you’re such a fundamentally dishonest person that you’ll only continue to make excuses and probably project blame onto me instead of taking responsibility for being just another one of the pathetic majority. Keep living in your painting, it isn’t real.

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