This is how an epistemology course is taught in the internet age. We can all just be chillin. You’re afraid of the truth, I’m not sure if you’ll keep chilling when you hear that.

Maybe you’ll think I’m being self-indulgent when I say the following, and please trust me that I’m not, I see my own self as a symptom of our culture- have you ever noticed how there’s a kind of “conspiracy” against this person writing here? Everything from politicians to billionaires to artists to scientists to philosophers to, you get the idea. What’s going on with that? I think they’re all trying to hide something.

I get too close to a certain truth and they can’t deal with it. It’s a real conspiracy.

I’m seriously just trying to talk WITH you about epistemology though, and we obviously can’t have a normal talk. I never try to “teach” you anything, I’m just trying to have a normal conversation. And wish I had an equal to converse with.

I just pat a core truth here and no one is able to speak that fundamentally so they need to use all kinds of bots and satire to distract you from it. This is an epistemology “course”. This is how they respond in the internet age, they don’t want that course to exist, and they will never mention it directly because it turns all their presuppositions and public personas into nothingness.

It’s really easy for me to do what I do, and I don’t understand others who have to react in a hostile manner that seeks to make sure no one knows about this “core”. Want to explain? Of course you can’t, you can only make excuses, maybe throw a banana at me. What are you trying to hide? Some people have probably been reading me for years now without ever directly referring to me and only trying to diminish me. You think there’s nothing suspicious about that? You’re hiding something. What is it?

This is Epistemology 101 in the internet age.

Ah it was a bunch of kikes who signed up for this course.

Alright, I’ll work with you, talk with you, try to figure you out. Just seems really obvious that people only believe what they do because they’re trying to survive, and that’s no way to approach the question of knowledge. The truth is what you would say if you were anonymous on the internet.

“There’s no conspiracy!” You are probably just one of the scapegoaters who can’t handle epistemology.

This is the early stage of the antiversity, hopefully some can learn from how the rabble reacts, and try not to be rabble-like themselves in the future.

I bet if you made a post that said “I’m a sell-out” you might feel some relief. Who ever confesses? When they don’t it just builds up and makes them a worse person.

Most people have an “F” so far that I can tell.

No no, some people are at least living in a “B” movie.

It’s a high likelihood it’s an F if you’ve only ever promoted the third world, hated white men, and never said anything against Jews or women. That’s just the basic framework of “Realistic Epistemology”. It’s a grade I give you for your own conscience.

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