Maybe that theory about “life” is right that you’re only ever trying to find someone who loves you. It’s probably true, and no one besides me wants to attack the .. order you can’t even talk about. Meaning of life? If I had one friend. I relate to the sell-out sphere and they hate me, I guess I’m alone in this place.

“What do you mean, person who we make an invisible scapegoat?”

“We will make sure you have third world consciousness, and this isn’t a video game.”

So you have an imperative to make people stupid as you?

You want to make sure they have no direct friends, and they know only the opposite of love in their life.

This is what you accept when you accept the jew order.

“You better not question the Jewish order.”

What are your main tenets? If someone questions you they should go to jail? What a nigger. Looks like you’re in a gulag now because Jews have no self-awareness.

Use bots to convince people they should be niggers without self-awareness. I am so glad the US is turning into a country that is worse than China because it believes in races like Jews and Niggers that live in Israel and Africa. What’s going on with that, niggers? Is that what you are or something? Two types of people who are less than human?

“I am a type of subhuman” – so admit it. You can’t. You like the political order because it allows you to believe you aren’t that.

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