People are condescended and end up relating to jungle savages instead of striving for the heights. Something funny about that. You’re just not meant for it. You’re meant to be a modest creature. Probably in ways that are out of your control due to generations of built-up karma. And you’ll be reincarnating into an even lesser being than you are now. I just try to see it and laugh, what else can you do.

I recurrently think of the stereotype of the “frat bro”. It seems like most men and women alike are on that plane of consciousness and beautify it in various ways. Or in other words, creatures that aren’t sophisticated at all who add an appearance of sophistication to their simplicity. What they are is really right on the surface, to me at least, I just sense they’re effective at fooling many about what they are. And it IS more precisely a “what” than a “who”. Unreflective impulse. There are infinite ways they can make that “gleam”. I’m not fooled about what it is, and it’s something less than human. They deserve to be what they are and they deserve to be even less than what they are in the next generation. Only a faint glimmer exists of something that isn’t that, otherwise I wouldn’t write at all. The premise of our current culture’s modus operandi is “If everyone is a nigger than no one is” and that does continue to palpably immanentize. Presidential cycles aren’t nothing, people have noticeably embraced being niggers since Biden was installed. Okay, I guess that’s just who you are. Something that’s less than human. I’m not going to be flattering anyone about it. Do humans exist? I know a few, not many. If you think it’s an exaggeration that said premise is actively in place today then I suggest you reexamine everything, because it’s very clear to me that’s what’s going on. Are you happy? People are gradually appearing more and more reminiscent of apes. There’s nothing I respect about an ape, no matter how “progressive” anyone tries to make it. I see an ape there. Are you proud of yourself? They don’t care because everyone is acting like them. These things are subtle, you don’t just wake up one day and it’s different- every month, say, people’s skin tone darkens slightly, so to speak. And they will euphemistically tell each other “Nice tan!” When the reality is they’re just more nigger-like. I think the BLM riots had a psychological effect on people. Their demands were met. Too much distance between the species so whites “accepted” the savages for what they are, and that means being more like them. And of course we can’t forget the Harris psyop. “You are not immune from propaganda.” There are Marxist ways to look at it that aren’t flattering. What “class” would you say people from the ghetto are? Nice tan, you’re glowing. Those riots were simulacra of what should have happened. The “nice tan” is a lower level of consciousness that will never hold any genuinely revolutionary thoughts, so it’s convenient for “them”. The pseudo-revolt only gave them more control in this way. Hopefully you have your own mental fallout shelter. I don’t know many humans.

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