It’s funny to look at it as literature

J’s tropes of exile

Everyday it seems more and more correct to think of Faurrison as the Sherlock of the 20th century. “No no no, you aren’t allowed to read the historical narrative the same way you read a poet.”

I just have to accept that probably only 2% of women understand what goes on here. That’s difficult for me. I don’t even know if 2%. Reading the suffrage movement as poetry, sorry. Let’s call that a first draft, maybe start over?

The nature of women, the nature of Jews, the nature of cowards, just so sad.

“We have redeeming features!” The burden of proof is on you. They all deny there’s anything wrong with them too. We’re supposed to just accept them for the way they are, forever. Nah, I try to help them improve. Am I the only one on earth who tries to help them? They’re all just too sensitive when I read their words (and omissions) as a literary critic might. “It’s my life!”

Need to marry one of the 2%ers before I lose my mind. “The 2%ers are all part of your imagination HAHA!” I see it as a blessing though. Probably sounds like cope, I don’t think it is- they’re bad for philosophy because they make you conform to society.

Reminds me of Joyce’s pamphlet “The Day of the Rabblement”

No man, said the Nolan, can be a lover of the true or the good unless he abhors the multitude; and the artist, though he may employ the crowd, is very careful to isolate himself.

Pretty grim, huh?

Loving the true or the good? Can you even do that without love in your life though? Oh yeah I love the forms I kiss the forms! It’s not the same. There has to be a balance. If someone can’t deal with me parodying Yahweh then who needs her? Like I said, grim.

As I tried to hint at above, learning about how society works has something tragic about it. Seeing people’s natures, what truly motivates them. It isn’t eighth circuit. And if there isn’t one online I doubt I’ll find one in real life. An emptiness to the world. I don’t blame people for living in a painting.

You aren’t allowed to believe in the God above YHWH. And if you do you have to be secretive about it.


in this great trope of immanent power. Yahweh, as we know, is

Looking at him as a literary character, that’s a high level of entertainment.

For most people he’s a trope at all. They have no “relaxed” relation to him at all.

They sincerely believe that this character isn’t the one who created the “blank-slate plot”. They believe they arrived at “living that plot” independently. No, on some level of your mind you’re terrified of modern YHWH. People only follow orders because in a certain sense they’re scared not to. Look at me, the resident scapegoat. “You think you can play YHWH?” Do you know how entertaining it is to do that? People are missing out. I really need to stop caring about philosophy for a while and write a novel involving YHWH as a character.

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