This Bloom book is awesome so I’m continuing with it – there IS something to this, something that expresses what it means to be human

Joyce did not write a novel called Achilles

Life isn’t about war.

Speaking of what life’s about, anyone relate to this one?

Poor Aeneas actually must carry the emperor Augustus on his back, while Odysseus is free of ideology

I go to war with you! That’s what life’s about!

Being a cynic though, one might suspect Homer of being a state poet similar to that war with China novel that was written by national security experts. We can never know. Justifying and beautifying war probably had its political uses.

If you want to talk about something serious though, does anyone relate to Odysseus in the modern world? No feminist could be a Penelope. There’s an aimlessness in that regard. An odyssey that never ends. An odyssey to a zogling? That’s no odyssey. The neo-Odysseus Socrates questioning his way into hemlock, now that’s more to my tastes. “Shut up, I want to live in my painting!” The cosmopolitan nomadism of the modern world, would you call it an odyssey? Nothing really “permanent” about anything, just wandering. In Vegas it’s just one mere game, one cheap excitement to the next. Maybe if you flash enough green you’ll get one of the strippers. “My painting of what society is, no! It’s burning!” If you’re mad then you’re probably one of the people I describe, and why would I care if I made someone like you mad? People don’t seem to get that. They flatter the worst people and end up resembling them. How gross.

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