Ah I just heard a prolesoul with my ears rather than reading one with my eyes, it’s a lot easier to detect when you hear it. There isn’t much to do with these bumpkins, besides avoid them as much as possible. I am from a prole background myself so you can’t say anything against me for saying this. I was over-educated or something, I don’t know. You can tell when they talk, and there are gradations of vulgarity. They can’t hide it. Most of them don’t even know there’s anything else. There are ones who try to hide it though, and fail. There’s a reason why all the wretched ones unite together, it’s because being a prole is sort of like living in a jungle. And then these ones who were “moderately educated” still betray that prole-jungle in what they say. That’s torture to hear them speak, even the disguised ones. Y’all reckon I’m right er? It’s really easy to see whose soul is a dirt farmer’s. There isn’t a human there- that’s the essence of Marx which they don’t talk about. The way they talk reveals the way they feel, and they’re not emotions anyone would ideally want to have. I’ll reason with the blank-slatists- in many cases there probably is a self that is imprisoned there. Beneath those crude emotions, maybe there is a person somewhere? The way things are going now we’re just supposed to accept that “that’s their true self”, those emotions. I hope it’s not. You’re barnyard, you smell like manure. You’ve got dirt on that there face. And every word you say betrays that. I’m not going to be catering to people like that. They sound like they were an idiot peasant a generation ago and did nothing to change their lot except adapt to the new jargon of the time. The proles and bourgeois are linked in this way. Did you actually rise above your past or did you just ornament yourself so you could be a sort of chameleon? I’ve talked before about how it’s not a mystery why out of all the Jews I actually respect had a German education, old German. I did that myself, and I understand. You are all sickening people, I don’t care if I offend you, I’m offending a barnyard animal who probably doesn’t have feelings anyway, not in any real sense. Look, it’s a plant that can speak! Nothing, only static in that skull, and one can generally tell simply by looking them in the eye, which is difficult in this internet realm. When they talk, you can only guess. That there’s nothing there. A plant growing inside their skull in place of a mind. If you’re sentient then prove it. Otherwise why would I think you are? That’s what they want in our time, for us to not demand proof. The burden of proof that you’re not a plant is on you. I invite you to give me hope in humanity which I lack. I doubt you will, because people with peasant instinct only know to seek revenge on those who remind them what they are. So keep being vulgar and never growing you peasant. Every word you say I can tell how far away you are from sentience. I’m trying to talk to the real you that’s underneath all the vulgar emotions.

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