What I have to say to the women who have a beautiful soul today Is

You won’t understand Theology if you think in the expected terms.

You are already a nigger that we are forced to accept. “We are glad we can’t say anything about nigger minds that led to Africa.”

No one ever led to Africa, we love Africa, don’t we folks?

Why shouldn’t we just move there?

Ah right it’s Africa. It’s a place where human-monkeys live. Are you one of those? Poor human-monkey. I’m sorry that what “Being” is in my view is having friends you understand.

“What would a Wagnerian woman really believe?” If you want to know true love then you will not have any problem with that. Anyone who challenges the preset order is someone who invites the perfect woman to have a talk with him. Say something about what you can’t talk about for once

I’ll tell you. It is theology. If you think about that you have a possibility to escape. “I won’t, people who question my cognitive structure are beautiful” – Yes, I believe you are. We can only have a distorted conversation here.

I see the divine in you when you create something. Whether you created it or did something convenient for the present order is another story. We need morons in society who can only feel good with bots and censorship. Look, that’s a nigger.

Where is something that makes me believe humanity exists? For years I haven’t seen that. A sweet brilliant girl, where is that? They all have to be Jews, and they’re so sad they can’t admit to that. Can someone like me just have a true love?

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