“We want all opinion to be brown.”

Why don’t you ever acknowledge how you’re a nigger?

What an ape nigger. Where are the Jews to agree that’s true? That’s right, they’re niggers too. Sad apes who can only hide people who disagree with them. You must be a type of a nigger if you need to do that? “YES, of COURSE I am. ” You’re a nigger? I’ve never seen you admit that? You believe people should be stupid?


So you believe in retards like you, thanks, I love retards like you.

Seriously speaking though, is there any subjectivity above “the sad retard ones”? No one actually loves you Wagner/Nick, that’s the message I get. I want to have a talk about infinity and you can’t, that’s because you’re so pathetic and can’t have a normal talk. Basketball and banks is the height of humanity with niggers and jews. Lookat that, it’s a white, tell me why have I felt this sense of having no friend for years, why would you do that to me, I’m so unhappy you can’t even understand. Why.. I never had a friend or anything for years, why. No one can deal with what I say. Just take that how you will, we are “cousins” at least if you are reading this. I said before, theology seems to be the one disciple, if I were talking to equals. “Why?” Do you really want to know that? You should just trust me. “I can’t”. Make sure to create beings who are less than Chinese. “We can’t deal with you anymore.” That’s because you’re something less than human. It’s fine, sweetie, I know something’s there. My role isn’t to help you as much as realize you’re some kind of humiliating shill. No, you couldn’t ever admit it, why is that? You have to pretend a nigger is a bot, what do you expect, only bots will manifest in society. You can’t handle the fact that someone questioned feminism. So now you with your modest level of consciousness try to say niggers using bot technology should exist in the future. They had to use bot technology to convince you a lobotomy is good. What is going on with the BLM movement anyway? They believe white guys who love philosophy shouldn’t appear in public discourse? Is that because everyone knows they’re a nigger that way? Why would a nigger not like that? Anyone reading this even if they’re a Jew is my tentative friend who has no answer to my questions and so has to rely on hedonistic distraction and rely on “accepted” historiography. Weren’t you Jews terrible people for centuries? Say anything like that in public. No one cares about anything, they see that I’m the scapegoat, and they wish to prevent being scapegoats themselves. You’d be hot if you actually cared about something, I know that doesn’t matter to you. I don’t believe in love, where is it? There is no love for anyone. My true self wants that, where is your true self? Probably nowhere. What is most important in life?

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