Can only guess what he has to say about these two

He’s pretty much the definition of when artists say “Why don’t you learn how to create before you criticize!” A true terror if you learn he wrote a book about you. Laughing myself to tears thinking about that. He deserves a book of criticism on HIM, and I haven’t seen one yet. Hmm he has a book on the sublime. Art is sublime, the critic is sublime, what does he have to say about the sublime itself?

The classics are kind of like Bible-interpretation. There’s a lot to be said about individual works, and they all express their own meaning of life, and express it well. They’re all like bibles.

Here is how Bloom describes himself

a theoretician of the relation between the matter and the rhetoric of high literature

You don’t want him writing a book about your book! Even if you’re “J” you’re not going to escape criticism, even if you’re J.

Ironically, he’s a neechen and I find him somewhat annoying for that reason

fictions to persuade us of beautiful untrue things

He’s one with the poststructuralists in not believing in truth. Fictions persuade ME of plenty of true things.

He claims these themes express all of human existence

This series of volumes, Bloom’s Literary Themes, offers students and general readers helpful essays on such perpetually crucial topics as the Hero’s Journey, the Labyrinth, the Sublime, Death and Dying, the Taboo, the Trickster, and many more.

Novels CAN be a “bible” in that sense. They can explain the world to you.

What he says of Shakespeare, who he calls the one universal author outside of the scriptures

His supremacy at creating human beings breaks through even the barrier of language and puts everyone on his stage.

If you only consoom cheap entertainment it CREATED you, and that’s why you are the way you are, you are cheap entertainment yourself. Talking with you is like going to the circus, no thanks, I have better things to do. What a clown so many people are, how dull, and not even funny–and further, so sad they can’t even be laughed AT. Make me a balloon animal in the shape of a dick you retard. A peasant-level of awareness. Bridget Jo! Peggy Sue! Life isn’t a BLM protest, you’re just a person of your time following the trends. Interchangeable with any of the unthinking herd. Show me a human being! Somewhere, somewhere, one day I’ll see one.

So many signs that Bloom is himself a man of his time

Have to sort through it, because as I hope I demonstrated yesterday, he IS someone worth your time, despite what is “criticizable” about him.

This for instance has an irony not everyone will appreciate

Anyway, someone else who he names in the same breath as the Bible

why Dante, who now defines Catholicism for so many intellectuals

Do tell?

What a relief it would be if we could keep the churches through reinterpreting Christianity in a more high-minded manner.

I’ve known so many Christians who are “reactionary” in the bad way. You need to do something about the church. People just don’t believe that anymore. You’re clinging, you’re clinging.

Laruelle grounding theology in quantum mechanics, now there’s an idea. We can also look to the poets with the same motive.

Oh man, muses – where are those in today’s world?

Dante found his unfallen Wisdom of God in a Florentine young woman

It IS strange that you hear about one 1000x more than the other

while Dante—except for Shakespeare—is the supreme poet of all Western history and culture.

This is hyper-rangordnung thinking. That’s part of what I mean when I call Bloom “old school”. You aren’t allowed to talk like this anymore. Thus we lose sight of the meaning of greatness. Thus people consoom cheap entertainment and are created into cheap people.

Do the zoom out and contemplate how Bloom is a neechen. Nietzsche believed his Zarathustra was beyond Dante. No one really understands the implications of that.

Speaking of grounding Christianity with a poet… That’s one theme of what I write about, you might not have noticed.

Nietzsche said that the writers of the Vedas weren’t worthy of tying the sandals of Zarathustra. That might be true. Opinions will differ. Lots of coping when you bring that up. Also lots of good reason to doubt, given the importance of Art and Religion to those who are serious about these subjects. The fact that you can even talk about this at all is telling.

You want my “psychological reading” of the situation, my dear fellow children of the occident? Nietzsche is TOO good. That’s why people cope. They feel the uncontrollable urge to play devil’s advocate and boost up a lesser thinker. Just admit it to yourself. If you want to “save the west” that should be admitted. He’s so great that I hate to even mention him, it pains me to talk about him as I am now for instance.

You want to be “controversial”? Nietzsche is better than the Bible or Shakespeare.

Cope! Cope! Cope! Do it. “I’ll never admit that.” You can’t recognize genius, that’s why.

That’s why I find it kind of funny reading Bloom. Six decades of literary criticism on a hundred writers and I always see Nietzsche writing about them. Understand? It isn’t really Bloom there sometimes, it’s Nietzsche. He implicitly admits to what I call for people to admit, without admitting it. There’s something too sublime about Nietzsche.

Remember how I quoted Badiou saying Heidegger is the last universally recognizable philosopher? Just being a snob, Heidegger is nothing next to Nietzsche.

I know people are going to disagree with me, I’m just trying to put things in their right place. Bloom is inspiring me to be a strict critic. Yesterday I saw him subjecting VIRGIL to the lash, I was amazed! No one escapes.

In this tepid relativistic world of ours this won’t be understandable to many. The dumbest imbeciles are promoted in our culture. Someone has to say what is truly great.

This is a statement that reminds one of God

No other writer ever is nearly as formidable as Dante, not even John Milton or Leo Tolstoy. Shakespeare, a miracle of elusiveness, is everyone and no one, as Borges said.

We live in a culture that denies greatness. That and atheism are identical. Yes, Bloom, thank you, there are writers that are superior to anyone living today, thank you for the reminder.

Harold Bloom is kind of like the Strauss of literature, one could say. It is a reverence for Great Books.

It’s sublime to read something like this – hyper-rangordnung

I treasure the observation of Giambattista Vico that even Homer would have yielded to Dante

WHO is worth reading? Not a newspaper. Why people are so petty and materialistic, I wonder why. They consoom garbage, that’s all they do, every day of their sad life.

Let me be a professor, please, I want to talk to people like this to their face. You are an orangutan, get out of here. How sickening the plane of consciousness most people are on. I choose to be on the one who wrote a book about someone who the writers of the Vedas wouldn’t be worthy of tying the sandals of.

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