Bloom frames his book on the Western Canon itself in the way of the Wake

Yes, we are in the chaotic phase, and the age that preceded that one was garbage too. It’s helpful to remember that if you don’t want to be garbage yourself. It is possible to adopt the mentality of previous times.

Love to see an authoritative voice say it

our century, while pretending to continue the Democratic Age, cannot be better characterized than as Chaotic.

And how to get out of it, at least on an individual level?

When you read a canonical work for a first time you encounter a stranger, an uncanny startlement rather than a fulfillment of expectations.

You know that in our chaotic time books like these are interpreted as “white supremacy”, right?

It’s pretty absurd that one in a sense has to read them in secret. I can’t imagine one of our pitiful bluechecks for instance ever musing on some great old book, because that’s ~insensitively elitist~. Am I wrong? You have to read them in secret.

It’s perfectly fine, indeed laudatory, to publicly muse on a book written by a brown person or woman. Are those Great Books? HAHA!

Thinking of that idea that Shakespeare “creates” people when they experience him, what kind of person do you think is created by books that aren’t “Great”?

He wrote this in 1994

the fashion in our schools and colleges, where all aesthetic and most intellectual standards are being abandoned in the name of social harmony and the remedying of historical injustice.

Many of us were born into a time where greatness was already abandoned.

Sorry if this offends you, and if it does then your opinion doesn’t matter, because you’re probably one of these people whose identity is resentment

Bloom is so canceled today.

Note (((his))) symptomatic omission of the New Testament. While nobody’s perfect, he’s closer to perfection than most.

“You’ll never get any pussy if you keep talking like this!” I don’t want that stank pussy. Who wants to fuck a creature of resentment? Grow up!

This is the most elitist book ever. Bloom can be seen as taking the Chabad ethos to its ultimate conclusion- not that there are only 600,000 souls, rather that there are fewer than even that, and that the writers of the classics are the only ones who truly had them. And that when we read them we can somewhat grow a real soul ourselves.

Okay okay I take it ALL back, let’s go on a date. Just kidding. You will apologize to me. On your knees, bowing. You know you’d love that. “Finally, I found myself, my true self, and it’s literally bowing before [redacted].”

I’d love to hear him make this case

There is no cognitive originality in the whole history of philosophy comparable to Shakespeare’s

The enemy of Plato par excellence? I love how all this might as well be an illegal conversation. This IS a chaotic age. The choice to grow a soul is anyone’s. You’re not going to grow one from reading prog nothings.

The problem is, one must already have some semblance of soul to want more of one, and many don’t even have that.

The leveling of the Brain of Culture was already going on in the early 90s… Most people of the younger generations never had a chance.

I myself was introduced to many of the classics in university by a feminist Jewess, and thankfully I’m independent-minded. Most don’t even seek to learn them at all. I bet Bloom pisses her right off ahahahaha. Even progs like her though, when immersed in the Great Books, are leagues more refined than progs who don’t.

1994, folks

The attack on poetry either exiles it for being destructive of social well-being or allows it sufferance if it will assume the work of social catharsis under the banners of the new multiculturalism.

The other galaxybrain Bloom, Allan, wrote a similar book in 1987- The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students. You probably had childhood schoolteachers who graduated from the Leveled Academy.

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