Harold Bloom is considered one of the ultimate authorities on the western literary tradition so I want to see what he says about the best. Why settle for Dante? How about the most sublime of all?

Bloom presents one of the boldest theses of Shakespearean scholarships: that Shakespeare not only invented the English language, but also created human nature as we know it today.

People have a superstition about him. In a way he’s kind of thee symbol of white supremacy, I think that’s what it’s about. They don’t like to bring him up.

You’re not going to find someone with the cold severity of Bloom in the academy today. If anyone IS like that they will soften who they truly are. Like I said, it goes without saying that he is canceled. So if you want to get a real education he’s one of the ones to go to.

Joyce refers to the great poets as Daunty, Gouty and Shopkeeper- let’s see what old Shylock here has to say about this last one. (Because why settle for anything else?) Why are you wearing a KKK hood right now, you don’t need to be wearing that, take that off.

I’ll be real with you, I’m a human being, and I want to believe in love, which I don’t really, and maybe I will learn to. I can hope anyway. Probably going to feel terrible reading about this. In this chaotic age it seems like it’s all only lust and mutual utility, and it’s easy to be cynical about it.

Obviously in the Vico-scheme of cyclical history Bloom places Shakespeare in the Aristocratic Age (with a few other usual suspects). I want to live in that Age. And I wonder if it’s possible to hyperstition it into existence.

Another discipline

Bardology, the worship of Shakespeare, ought to be even more a secular religion than it already is.

Please make me less cynical. Beautiful untruths he calls them? I refuse that. Dildos with money, is that all modern women really want? I do get that impression. I don’t invent my perception of people as objects, they proudly proclaim that’s what they are, if indirectly.

the plays read me better than I read them… we are read by works… They read us definitively.

Bloom says he read and taught him almost daily for twelve years and even he doesn’t understand him.

He IS right that Shakespeare is at the center of the western canon. “Duh.” Thus it follows he is the main enemy of the left, no? The lazy ones will only denigrate the Bible- this is the secular Bible. They’re already teaching random brown woman writers in place of him. So it’s not that they directly attack him per se, they just disappear him. I’ll be honest with you, people are disgusting and disappearing him is probably linked to why they are so disgusting. Even Latinos are leveled in our culture! It’s time for panic when that is the case, and people are so docile they see that and blink. You are a dumb pig. And it’s really all over already, that is the fate you chose, to be a dumb pig. Let’s take this moment to celebrate you. …. There, do you feel celebrated, dumb pig? Only brute ugliness I see when I look upon most people, and they are products of their culture.

Heh, Bloom says he’s beyond even J, and explicitly states his intellect is sharper than Nietzsche’s. If he’s right, what are the implications of that? How does the left respond to having impressionable youths read vulgar bioleninist cretins instead of him? What kind of citizen do you think that creates? So don’t whine about politics because I know you’re all the way on board with eliminating the geniuses from education, and it’s thus your own fault that nothing goes right in the political world.

I feel like I’m here defending God in a way. Like I’m an apologist for the greatest person who ever existed. Why is this controversial? Age of Chaos. Nice tan you nigger, you probably can’t even understand any this. Why don’t you just try to change, for the better. That’s my suggestion to you. I for one am not going to be gaslit into accepting all the different types of animal-level consciousness as valid. Various types of subhuman that don’t deserve respect unless they’re able to be humble enough to learn from those who are wiser than them. That isn’t me, go learn from Bloom. Anything to escape living like an animal. Narrator’s voice- “They prefer to be animals, you’re shaking a casket at a wake.”

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