I constantly think about this, from the other Bloom, Allan

The various kinds of soul can apparently reach their fulfillment on their own in a democratic city; they are not encouraged by it, nor are they hindered by it. Socrates describes democracy as a general store stocked with all kinds of regimes

This is the context I see myself in while I study Harold’s book on Greek Drama. You don’t have to live in the current regime if you don’t want to, and there are ways of living beyond it. The cyclical history of Vico I keep bringing up was not invented by him, to say the least. There’s an irony to it- he was an aristocrat in writing that, and he learned from other aristocrats living in a democratic regime. When you’re living in such a regime yourself they hate when you bring up its cyclical feature which it exists within. Most people have embraced the regime they find themselves in. It is a sad spectacle to witness when they do that. You’ll only understand them if you understand the cyclicality. You don’t have to follow them as the cycle descends. Nope, I like it up here, I’m learning about the Oresteia (literary criticism can be an art unto itself) and I might have some things to say about it that those who have followed the cycle’s movement toward the nadir will interpret as “cruel”. Sure, from your regime that’s how it’s interpreted, and I’m not living in that regime with you.

Some of my favorite things in life are from the Greek world. It would “upset” me if you were to ask me what is my favorite from there. I’ve seen the modern day “shows” and “movies” and they’re not the same. What moved me the most? It’s not any of this crap. Okay I’ll admit, some of it is good. Still, not the same.

Harold here says he sees Aeschylus as more primordial than Homer. Is that not counter-intuitive? What could he mean?

You can’t have this conversation if you haven’t experienced these timeless classics.

Clytemnestra’s hatred for her husband appears to transcend his ritual sacrifice of Iphigeneia, and pragmatically represents a desire to usurp the kingdom.

You can have no idea what it means when I say that I prefer to be Socrates watching this play at the Dionysia.

Iphigeneia, so many plays have been made about you! Poor girl.

Did Clytemnestra not expect an Orestes in the future? There’s a reason they call these plays “timeless”. This will be seen as pedantry to many, not so much to others. What do people watch these days instead? Shows that will be forgotten in a couple decades? No one is ever going to take the X-Files away from me, that is similar in profundity to these old plays, to me. All drama learned from these plays, is the thing. If you don’t know about those, and about the way they were originally interpreted, you’re going to be lost when interpreting the shows and such of today. I walked by the movie theatre earlier and was so glad the same posters were up, I’m going to miss that! Thanks for all the garbage constantly, I’m glad there was a break from it. If our culture went back to the Greeks where it all started and rethought things it would only be for the better.

There are things about Homer, the playwrights, and the sophists that are questionable, and which recur today, and a Plato and Aristotle is not allowed. That’s where we are in the cycle. The closest things we have to them today are neoreaction and the fourth political theory, and they are hemlocked, and their trial is not held in public. That’s where we are. So much to say about all these pre-philosophical people, and you can’t say it.

Is there a sophist reading this right now? Of course you don’t want to be questioned, how could you run your empty rhetoric business if you were?

Lots of Aristophaneses out there whose jokes would look like a joke if Socrateses were allowed in the city. Unfortunately, this is not a Just City. People who only propagate corruption and are secretly happy when those who question them are disappeared. You have a nothing-soul, the only thing you have going for you is you look like a human being, and that’s only an illusion to deceive people into believing you actually are one. Read the Greeks, read what people have said about them throughout history, and improve yourself.

Watch how the sophist will mill about in denial. Just admit that you hate people who question you and show people how much of a fraud you really are.

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