Do you think that I’m a priest? I’m not a priest, I hate priests. There are certain ways of interpreting “theology” that are impossible for moderns. Something between poetry and philosophy.

Why would one be hated for bringing that up? It’s because in our time that is not poetic enough to say. Philosophy is always-already hemlocked.

Mr. Jack Dorsey, your policy on banning people helped me realize this, so if you want to find some spare time where you don’t follow your own twitter rules, I’d appreciate a response.

Why is the discourse-engine of the present-day so primitive that it requires banning? Can’t you simply convince them that your worldview is 100% correct?

There’s a level of deception that you deceive people about.

Jack, the greatest sophist of all.

What was Trump really wrong about? Can you describe that directly? I doubt you can. Your craft relies on making sure people only believe in illusion.

Is that YOUR craft? I don’t think it is. The poet of technology Jack is a more stressful person than you might expect. He KNOWS about Faurisson. This is not simple for him. It’s a very precarious situation.

Let me put it to you in a human way- with Jack’s policies there is not going to exist anymore anyone with the creativity to create one’s own social network.

That is the central lapse of reason with this one, who determines so many people’s lives.

Who can do that, Jacky boy? You don’t want people like you, ultimately. People understand this about Zuckerberg and still do not cognize it in regard to twitter.

There is no sublimity to the digital revolution. You are working on a farm for Jack and his Jewish slaveowners.

You don’t understand this? Read the Greeks and go from there. Does saying that warrant banning? The implications of the Greeks lead to here, and here I stand, I can do no other.

Twitter as gutenberg, and bluebirds never talk about “gutenberg” or else. What are you talking about there? Only chatter?

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