You’ll be fine.

Seeing what a Laruellian feminist has to say, since I believe there must be a more dignified form of suffrage than I typically see today

The Jews died like cattle, therefore cattle die like Jews, you say. That is a trick with words which I will not accept. You misunderstand the nature of likenesses.

They’re getting right to the core of the debate right at the outset, so that’s a good sign. Veganism IS the telos. And disturbingly, even beyond veganism. I can relate to that myself- I wasn’t “larping” when I suggested wanting skin like solar panels. So let’s sort it out, let’s unravel the logic all the way, instead of remaining at the cosmetic level of resentment and revenge.

with respect to animals, “all people are Nazis”

This is going to be tough for many to think about clearly. If you believe there is a strict separation between humans and animals then you are a Creationist. Are you going to start making up reasons for why the dinosaur skeletons are so old like some of those evangelicals do?

I don’t actively look for animal rights and plant rights books, that is just where recent theory is, where the brain of culture is. The mainstream manifestations of leftism will only give you a slight idea of the core of the ethos.

Let me put it this way- being politically correct is the equivalent of eating soy burgers and “tofurkey”. Whether you defend a Latino or what have you. You are not “slaughtering cattle like a Nazi”.

She identifies with the Nazis and blames herself

by accepting the Holocaust, Kolozova denies only the denial—and what she affirms is the equality of the living.

One rarely sees a statement this explicit. Usually this is unspoken.

Some might appreciate the rich irony of this title (thinking about Radhanites and the Talmud)

How can you get more stereotypical? “Theory” doesn’t think. This is what she’d hear outside of a “safe space”.

Nice to make your acquaintance, I’ve made your acquaintance a thousand times before, and each time you were supposedly a “different person”.

I’m not purely a mocker, I really do seek to help.

There will be SOME nuance at least with Laruelle in the mix, is all I’m saying

Theory is a type of media. Each type of media expresses the state religion in a unique way. Theory is closest to directly articulating its core. Most of the others presuppose it rather than talking about it. Behind them all is NAZIS SLAUGHTERING ANIMALS and the taking up of responsibility for not letting that happen.

The question is, does slaughtering them make life better? In the case of cows and chickens the answer is obvious. What about making life better in the sense of not being around immoral people anymore? Cunning Jews, dumpstersluts who are bound to fail at motherhood, brainless baboons, sickening regime-flatterers, something tells me life would be better without them.

This is funny, real pigeon lady schizophrenia hours with this one

Animals that can be reduced to animality?! Irrationality doesn’t usually speak so directly. We can’t reduce animals to animality, that would be a nazi thing to do! This is what every leftist looks like to varying degrees. That’s why I appreciate the theorists, they show us their true face. Do you notice how I’m essentially reducing her to animality for talking this way? This is ubiquitous with feminists- in the same gesture that they proclaim feminism they refute themselves. “Okay, it’s a moron who doesn’t deserve a vote, thank you for clearing that up.” Reducing animals to animality. 2020 Brain of Culture, hot off the press.

If you think these broads are dim-witted as it is imagine the brainpower of this reincarnation

What are you tards hiding anyway huh, wanna tell me?

When you can’t reduce animals to animality you gradually turn into more of an animal yourself. This is, objectively, a process in motion today. Brainless single moms with kids even stupider than they are. Do you like your future!!??!?

What’s sad about this book is it’s 100x more dignified than most of the other manifestations of the ethos.

They don’t care about dignity- the telos of holocaustianity leads them to fuse with niggerbrain and niggers don’t care about dignity. Ghetto hoes. At least this one tries to be theoretical about it all, that’s refreshing.

This seems true

In one of his lectures held at Cerisy in 1997, Derrida states that the gesture of destruction of animals or of the Animal is foundational of all philosophy: “The gesture seems to me to constitute philosophy as such, the philosopheme itself”

All high art is going away, all philosophy is going away. NAZIS SLAUGHTERING ANIMALS! REDUCING ANIMALS TO ANIMALITY!

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