Surprising to see chapters like this in an academic text

It hits different when I read it in a new English book

These financial institutions have been both products and agents of nation-building and state formation… as well as that of the international diffusion of norms and structures.

Isn’t this odd to see?

I mean, when a so-called conspiracy theorist isn’t saying it.

They said it

Most of the scientific work carried out on them is actually produced inside central banks

The buffoons think of “Biden’s face” and that’s that. They settle for an understanding that is close to nothing.

It is no mystery why a book like this is so rare.

This could get dangerous, I can’t believe I’m reading this

He says there are studies that show that their biographical backgrounds impact their policies. 93% of them are men. Go on…?

Before you ask, the word “Jew” only occurs once in the text, where they are, naturally, portrayed as a victim-group. This book can’t be that good! Ow, I have a black eye which I drew on with a marker! A blonde man punched me.

Anyway, bitcoin people probably want to see this chapter.

Most of them have educations in economics (go figure) i.e. not “Great Books”

And who controls the loans of the university? Mutually-reinforcing system which shapes the university in the way of the soul of the economist.

Remember, this is the same type of person who was behind the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Bolshevik Revolution, World War Two, etc.

Puh, only 18 pages on them, and do you see why the feminist hermeneutic can be so limited? Male economists, okay, thanks for the social science, it could have been more helpful though. Meh, the attempt was made.

My simple thesis is those who control the capital flow control the ideological conditions. And they’re doing a poor job. Even Latinos are leveled in the US!

Why was that Frenchman Soral exiled for writing about them? Why is that book banned on amazon? Why is even a feeble scientific examination of them like the one quoted above so rare? Why did even real-talker Trump never dare to say anything against them when they arguably have as much influence as “the media”?

They keep themselves so hidden that even bitcoin people never talk about them. What do you think bitcoin is for????

No one can even say what these “economists” are doing wrong because to do so would be to criticize the sacred monument which means exile from the hive.

Might be able to mine this dimension of the political order too in this book

What strikes me is how all-too-human they are if THIS is the egregore they administer over. Basic bankers, basic “elites”. They have control beyond their faculties, they’re out of their element. Their conception of divinity is profane and betrays the materialist worldview which probably got them where they are.

There are still “counts” that exist..?

This 78-year old count showed documents and answered all questions openly, as if we were having a work meeting.

No “provocative” answers, I’m sure.

If the internet is any clue, these people are more “modest” than we tend to think. They don’t have interesting answers because they aren’t interesting people.

The belief-system in place didn’t magically appear- it manifests from the top down. And they’re not exactly at the top because they’re “wise”. Wise in the ways of the world perhaps.

This is a laugh

Imagine not seeing our elites as inferiors.

You’re responsible for clownworld?! Wow, so much admiration for you! Even Latinos are leveled in your world, and you’re creating citizens that will soon be inferior even to Chinks (if they aren’t already).

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