Back at this again because of its world-shattering capacities

Yahweh, in transmogrified forms, remains the God of the Children of Abraham, of believing Jews, Christians, and Muslims. But Yahweh, in the Book of J, is a literary character, just as Hamlet is.

Just trying to take a step back to under the programming manual of the modern world, or at least the “Jewish Century” as Slezkine calls it. Literary criticism can be as much of a science as it is an art–Harold Bloom has the skill that gives one that impression. It doesn’t matter if Shakespeare is the center of the canon if he can only be interpreted according to ZOG’s TOS. Thus there is a more central writer. The writers of the Talmud were clones of J.

Talk about a pathos of distance

What can we do with a Supreme Being who goes nearly berserk at Sinai and warns us he may break forth against the crowds, who clearly fill him with great distaste?

What kind of author invents a God?

“Really gotta hand it to him.” Should we call J Him rather?

There are subversive ways not-sees can interpret Bloom on J and Yahweh

What emerges is an author not so much lost as barricaded from us by normative moralists and theologians

Mr. J, your creation “Yahweh” has questionable characteristics and I’m not sure if children should be taught that it represents Ultimate Reality.

This causes a feeling of relativism

Somebody wrote the Book of J, using the Phoenician—Old Hebrew script, either marking a leather scroll with a dull knife or more likely writing in ink with a reed pen on a papyrus

The people who created, who sustain, our belief-system are only human. Do you feel the sublime terror lessen when you think of it that way? I only try to guide people toward looking at the foundation without emotion.

It’s J’s fault for the 109 and the current decline of the West, there, I said it. Had to get that out of my system. You should climb to a mountaintop and yodel something like that, I bet you’d find it purgative.

Seeing how there is an author behind this book (obviously) is similar to realizing there are people “writing”, and who wrote, the current religion (not so obvious).

Even a seasoned skeptic like me is “losing my religion” reading Bloom on J. We DO tend to see the Old Testament as scripture and not as literature. He’s the first one I’ve seen to talk about it as a book that was written by an author (even though that’s so supposedly obvious). He has a book on the New Testament too, I wonder what effect that will have on me. Looking at the state of the Judaeo-christian peoples I am prepared for a 100% reset, sorry. Our state religion is a poem and we should all be Platos and question its merits.

How could he have?

The Yahwist, unlike every subsequent biblical writer, shows no awe or fear of Yahweh.

J was above Yahweh in creating Him.

Everyone should be able to identify with J (and “J”), identify and go beyond him. That would be evolution.

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