I wish someone would explain to me why it’s upsetting to do this

an even more shocking crime, the most serious of all possible religious crimes in Athens… the crime of profaning the Eleusinian mysteries, the heart of Athenian religion, by speaking them and ridiculing them in the presence of the non-initiated.


WHY? Who cares?

I’ve never seen anyone explain it. No one, ever. Do you even know why yourself? “It’s just bad!” That’s not a reason.

“There’s nothing to explain because that doesn’t exist.” So that’s how it works, huh?

Can you just tell me why, please. I deserve an answer.

Why can’t people know? Why can’t it be made fun of to them?

Have you looked around? It warrants mockery. You are the wrong one for not mocking it.

It’s like a collective decision to lower the brain level. What possible good could you get from that? “We decided that’s for the best, sorry you don’t understand.” It’s like no child left behind or something. They all implicitly agreed to be stupider than usual the last year or so. If you didn’t notice that shift then are probably part of it. It’s a disappearance of the human, it’s a serious matter. “That’s just what society demands, okay?” I wish I was making up a story or something. No, it’s very clear, a New Simplicity we’ll call it- that has taken place. A dimmer cultural bulb. When is it going to end? Is it just going to continue going in that direction? Yup, the dumb pig fate was chosen. And I rarely saw anyone protest against it. “That’s because we secretly like being swine ourselves.” The embrace of the subhuman lowbrow because “we’re all in this together”. No one makes this explicit either! They just go with it without saying anything directly, and anyone who doesn’t go with it can tell. It’s a process of idiotization in real-time. People have all these conspiracies about the lockdown, why have people shifted to be stupider during it, why won’t anyone ask that? Is it because they’re part of it and don’t even realize?

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