How could you even live without me putting your soul into question? That must be a genre unto itself. You probably can’t trust priests to do that, so why trust me? I do that though because I’m truly someone who believes in “sentience”. I don’t pretend it’s there when I don’t really see it. And I do constantly wonder what the value of writing at all is when I see it almost nowhere.

I’ve said before that I see it as a eugenic process. If you are “too honest” with people they will show their true colors, and can eliminate them from your concern.

With the glorious digital revolution you continued to act like a sell-out, why would anyone in their right mind want anything to do with you?

I’d like to find a real person one day, and I don’t think you can fault me on that.

If you settle for “friends” who are PC you’re not a real person yourself. You all can burn in hell.

Have you answered why most of your opinions are the same as the corporations’? Of course not, then you’d give your game away. I don’t want anything to do with you, and insulting you is the only proper response.

Where are the humans, where are the humans, I can’t find them.

On that Elista forum at least.

You just like people like me hidden because you know I’m right. I’m starting to conclude you’re hopeless and don’t even care about sentience.

I’d rather tell you about all this, believing a real person actually exists, than spend a life surrounded by sell-outs. Be mad that you now realize what you are.

“Muh loved ones!” You don’t love them if you are a shill, that’s just two shills who love surviving and make do in the political order.

I’ve called for a real person to step forward for years and it’s never happened. Everyone is more content being an object of the political order than you might expect.

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