Here is the future the prog wants

What else needs to be said?

You can tell they’re not human just by looking at them. I saw some mulattoes in the store the other day and they were nauseating to see. They try to beautify the ape, and the reality that results is a creature that is incapable of lofty thought, unless you give them a bot to talk to you with. We love our niggers who talk to us with bots, don’t we white folks? It’s good if niggers who can only talk with bots exist in the future. Retards of the future are expected. This is a form of art, pretending niggers can be perceived as human without bots. It’s your life. Do you like to have humans around you who can only seem like people when they use bots? Look at all the niggers, white and black. You all need bots. What do you have to say to me? Do you need a bot or can’t you say it to my face? It looks like you’re a nigger who needs a bot. What a poor sad nigger. You’re really just a slave of the Jews. “We need white women to be whores” – yeah, you’ve gotten that, and to what end? I don’t have much hope in humanity when it’s all jewniggers, bots, and whores, maybe that’s just me.

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