While I usually don’t deign to care what niggers have to say about anything I notice that many of my fallen whites do fall for the status quo, and I see this

This is just random. Be a nigger or I’ll shoot you. Is that normal? Be a nigger or you’ll be shot I guess. Is this some kind of propaganda bot that hates white people for creating the technology that it uses? It seems so. You were born in a jungle nigger. You want the jungle to be everywhere because you can’t get over that? Poor nigger.

“We love our nigger-bot!” It’s a person to you? It’s making people retarded, including you probably. Fuck niggers! Banana! Never mention anyone who questions the Jewish order. You are played, and probably can’t have a happy life as someone who raises kids now. Raise a niggerbaby? Don’t be psyopped about that. That’s a waste of life to have a basketball child. Let all the images and movies fool you about that though. “It’s good to be a nigger!”

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