Another day in the soulless wasteland, might as well spend it with one of the best. While Dante does have a standalone prose work on political philosophy, one recent writer tries to make the case that there’s something like that in the Purgatorio as well. The tendency is to jump from Augustine all the way to Machiavelli, so we might be able to shake up the standard way of looking at the canon a bit with this.

Would it be more accurate to say the west is at its wake or in purgatory, I might have to say the latter. It’s in purgatory while I attend its wake, and it partially takes me there with it. Virgil was Dante’s guide in hell, neech is mine, and I hope I’ve been a good one for you. Oops, did you fall in some magma there? Just brush it off.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a poet with this spirit attempt something like this today

It is the sin of the poet, in Augustinian-Aquinian eyes, to claim for secular literature a license for a higher form of truth-telling that is explicitly reserved to the Bible and to the writings of its anointed interpreters.

You know J, how about the New Testament’s “J”? Dante is in the same league as them (“one could possibly argue”).

Look at this, people tried to place him in hell some years ago

condemned as racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic by a group calling for it to be removed from classrooms

Interesting statement from Mansfield

So what Strauss did to Maimonides, Fortin did to Dante.

As a sidenote, I found this other pokemon in the wild earlier too

I have to go with that Fortin though. Dante was familiar with the thinkers of the Islamic Golden Age. Thee question in this context is did he really believe that the Greek pagans deserved to burn in hell. Further, did he really believe in hell himself? I think people of today would be better off believing there’s a hell, so if he did consciously create a “beautiful untruth” about it I would understand. We need a “poet” for our own time to scare people into vividly believing in a sort of “hell” that might await them. In many cases they’re already living in it while alive. So how to prevent that. “BREAKING – Quantum mechanics proves hell is real!” ahahaha. The secularism needs to be adjusted to. You do a racism and you live in the hell of living under a bridge, that’s what we have now. Some of the types of people who I’ve yelled at probably understand something about hell, and they can decide for themselves which type of hell is better overall for everyone’s sake. And before you ask, certain women, for instance, who have put me in hell in my life are cunts, yes they are! “Seriously though”, the west does seem to be at its wake and… maybe it can wake up, I dunno, hope it does.

Just because our order is political-historical and not precisely “religious” doesn’t mean this, from the ancient world, isn’t still true

people would not then tolerate natural philosophers and theorists, as they called them then, about things above

There’s a gas chamber at the top of your brain. The holocaust industry might as well be its own “J”. You want to know what it’s like, existentially? You might as well believe you’re going to hell if you question it. They are the Dante of our time.

Oo this is another one that can be studied later

In The City of God, St. Augustine at length discusses the roundabout ways the thinkers of that time employed to keep out of danger.

No one understands this better than me, I don’t even think I’m exaggerating. You have to put yourself in an intense situation in order to truly understand, and I haven’t seen anyone else do that. I know how symbologists work in the present day. And it’s a lot different when you’re not a symbologist yourself. Most people have a shifty nature. It’s not so easy to say that they’re pure esotericists. It’s pretty grim really, how either/or it is. It’s either you go all the way or you’re necessarily going to be fused to the Unjust City. Just my observation. At least you grifters have friends, alright? Can’t knock it. “I don’t even have friends, they’re phonies, I want to live on an island with you, redacted.” If you aren’t a herd animal then maybe.

Seneca, another one who might have to be studied in the future, said this of the way of the wise – is this you?

to simulate conformity in act while having no religious attachment.

Like I said, I don’t really see that. People and society are one, almost always. “I have a brilliant disguise, that’s why.” I doubt it. You’re one of the reasons they call it clownworld, if I had to guess. Even saying something like Seneca does above is equivalent to “profaning the mysteries” in our time so I suppose I couldn’t know. Do you have a “spray-on tan”? I think most have just genuinely embraced the turd world. It really gets me- how can those Jews be so powerful? They don’t have a hold on me at all. I’d like to hold a Jewess by the throat “for reasons” (other than pure violence), and that’s about the extent of any hold they have on me. I wonder if one suddenly doesn’t feel “one with society” when I say that? Give your parents a stroke why don’t you. I’ll make sure to have an Adolf mustache at one of your idiotic holiday gatherings. I’d actually watch netflix if something like that was on there. I’ll have to include something like that in my novel and depict Yahweh having a panic attack, before eventually reconciling with me and accepting me as part of the family. Sicka these shiksas anyway, the pathetic slaves. That’s a kind of “hell” itself, knowing they don’t have a chance of not being “one with society”.

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