This is why I like Straussian books, because this is what they can do (when they’re not neocon propaganda)

To soar to the heights, one will need “wings” similar to those Beatrice bestowed upon the heavenly voyager.

How else will you truly understand what hell is like? Don’t you want that?

Sometimes I imagine someone screaming and crying about something I said and I feel a twist of empathy. There’s lots of evil in the world, okay? Sorry if you feel implicated in it. You demon. Can you deny that there are people who do indeed deserve to go to hell if hell really existed? I think there are lots of those. I don’t see “pure goodness” in everyone’s motivations, how naive do you have to be to see them that way?

The great writers constantly remind me that someone like them should exist again in our own time

the waves I take were never sailed before.

Let me into your society so I can kill everyone – has that ever been thought before? Only kidding of course. Imagine, if you will, millions of people who deserve to burn in hell – and won’t. So I try to help them out with that on earth.

How can Dante pretend to knowledge of the state of souls after death? In the same way that the author of Genesis has knowledge of the creation.

Our culture doesn’t have an understanding of either of those really. They have a vague Newtonian idea, scientistic- when you die you’re nothing after you were born from a one night stand, that’s life and death for people.

There must be studies on Dante and Heidegger, now that I think of it. Reading about the soul in the afterlife, that’s like our version of the Tibetan Book of the Dead or something. No one knows about this poet either. No one cares about anything, that’s why, and no one cares about anything because they don’t understand they’re going to die one day. TOMORROW! Not just “one day”. How does that make you feel when you think about dying tomorrow? Will you all of a sudden take things seriously for once in your life? “All my life all I did was gossip all day about nothing! Now tomorrow I’m going to be dead!” If you study Heidegger at an impressionable age that’s kind of just a daily thing for you. It makes you care about things, besides chatter. You don’t care what the cattle think anymore. Because your life isn’t forever. And the Inferno can get quite grotesque to say the least, the way people are forced to suffer in hell, and it does remind one of one’s mortality, and that itself causes one to contemplate morality. People who talk like me they like fantasize about their arms crossed in a coffin, because they don’t like to remember, they love being chatter-cattle without any disruptions of their meaningless behavior.

Maybe he’ll be the one to help me finally understand the True Meaning

Dante sees as poet and realizes as poet what is already conceptually elaborated and established in Christian doctrine.

This is exactly why I like it though

Dante’s orthodoxy is taken for granted by many critics who find the presuppositions of medieval theology “too distant” to interest the modern reader.

Teach me what it was like before the postmodern nihilism, please please please.

If Bloom is on to something that he’s one of the three or four greatest writers that ever lived…? And most of us only have a really naive understanding of him? Who knows where someone of that calibre can take us, if we learn how to read him right. Earlier today we got pretty stratospheric with political esotericism, and I feel like I understand that better than plain old religion. What is the real true religion? I’d like to know, I never see anyone wonder about that, they think they know, that’s why. And this is a writer out of almost all others who could probably give us a decent answer to that seemingly impossible question.

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