Auerbach is supposed to be one of the prominent names in Dante scholarship, and I see this first and I can’t resist


This is how the book starts, and how you know it’s going to be objective scholarship

That’s why this idea of “Aryan philology” interests me, because this is so clearly not going to be objective at all, and that’s just the standard these days.

What I do know about Auerbach is that he’s a Torah elitist. Even if it’s literature, it’s better than Homer, that’s his view.

As you can see above, the Nazis wanted to eliminate the “Old Testament” from the canon, they thought that it created primitive beings. So this is a theological, aesthetical debate they want us to forget about. “Because who would ever dare to think that!” I dunno, lots of smart Germans?

When you know about the Talmud, how dishonest does this look?

His ultimate goal was to counter the overt racist belief in the community of blood and fate of the German people

Your Fellow White People Jews are exactly like him today too. Merchants are the chosen ones, isn’t that just a crystal clear truth that is self-evident?

Then look at this, this is just peak Talmudist behavior, and the flimsy Christians of today are gung-ho for it too

establishes an intrinsic, inextricable connection between the Old and New Testaments.

Us living in your country and thriving through conning you is divinely sanctioned, you stupid goy.

Challenge to the theology snobs- even if you disagree and think the testaments should be cohesive, at least admit that you aren’t allowed to disagree in certain ways, even if you wanted to. And that’s what THEY want, that’s why they want to keep them cohesive, because keeping them cohesive keeps you from disagreeing, since you’re not “chosen”. Excuse the pun- you can choose, you have a choice about that. Most choose to not have a choice.

They don’t even want you to know about this

the idea that the Old Testament, not the classical Greek culture of myths, legends, and heroes recently revived by the Nazis, is the source of history and, hence, the representation of reality in Western culture.

They prefer to treat it like it’s not even a possible question to ask. And of course they frame it here as being centered around the Greek poets instead of, say, Aristotle, because that would make it seem too obvious that it’s a live debate. The Nazis went even further than that, seeing Hegel, neech, etc. as going beyond Aristotle. That’s what’s dishonest about the above quote. “No, man, all they cared about was the brute Achilles.”

People can’t even read me clearly because they’re so bitter that they’re unable to criticize Jews in any way. You’re mad at me for that? I think you’re confused. Go on and post some salty tears for the turd world as a response to this, you white jew. The Old Testament is for morons, Plato is at least 100x less simplistic. Look who you’re simping for, merchants, apes, prostitutes, because you’re all those rolled into one.

Link to book quoted my more objective friends might like to take a look at.

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