I’ve had fun chilling with you. To be honest I’m not sure if I understand other people’s emotions very well. It’s different when you’re face to face, because then I might see a look of misery or despair when I say something. I’m disconnected from that dimension. If you’re one of those people, the point of life isn’t to live in hell forever. If you’re on a site with a URL like mine you’re a lot wiser than most people I’ve known IRL. I just continue to criticize beyond that. Be mad I hold you to a higher standard than I hold the status quo to. Like I said, I’m just grateful I haven’t only written in a personal notebook all this time, like was the case in older times. Even if I had one person who understood, even if they never said anything, it would mean the world to me. So I’m appreciative of the internet for increasing those odds. “Someone gets who I am?!” Yeah and they probably get who the feds are too. Only an increase in the surveillance state we can expect as time goes on, thus more people not saying their real opinion, thus having no one who truly gets them. That is unconscionable. I will step into the place where feds and scapegoaters can attack me if it means defending that. Like I said, I’m just chilling, and you can’t even do that these days.

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