“What do you think the world is about?”

The world can’t be known, so I enjoy wondering what the world is about, if that answers your question.

I’ll be direct- the Mammonites know quite a bit about the world.

Grug want food, Grug want social standing, Grug want to fuck a baby into Mrs. Grug.

I get all those. If you want me to answer the question more thoroughly then I have to leave that realm. For instance, I’m only Grug 1/6th of the day. Yes, I know that type of self. The rest of the day I’m contemplating the meaning of life.

“So what’s that then?”

If you demand an answer rather than considering the question for yourself then you are a grug.

First question the ordinary order won’t permit- why should a neanderthal deserve food or social standing? That’s what you’re expected to be to get it, so one has to expect the ones in charge are neanderthals themselves.

For friends, I see this process as a sort of game. You get a card and you have to tell everyone what you believe the meaning of life is. What is it to you?

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