Having a nice bowl of matzo and looking at the index of that Strauss bibliography I mentioned earlier. Looks like someone in his tradition named Galston has a book on Alfarabi. When I think of “far-ranging” this is one of my first thoughts. Ah, looks like she studied under Mahdi, who wrote one of my favorite books of all time. That index is really helpful.

the harsh fact that happiness is in principle outside the grasp of virtually all men except for a philosophic élite should be concealed as much as possible from the nonphilosophers

No no, barnyard animals know what happiness is, don’t worry. She says telling them about this makes them “hostile”. Nah, they’re too docile for that emotion. What do people watch these days, Marvel? Those are cheap heroes. Totally detached from what matters in reality. If you don’t care about stuff that’s important you’re not going to understand happiness beyond hedonism. Blank stare, chewing, looking at a screen, it would be a sin to describe a creature like that as “happy”. Even if they believe themselves to be that’s just the mere word they use for it. It’s something sensual rather than cognitive for the cows. “I feel happy when I watch the Three Stooges.” That’s not happiness, the braindead don’t know the meaning of that word. Yeah I bet being a Jew’s slave allows for happiness to be possible AHAHAHA! Objects only feel a form of contentment, think of a child. Two materialist frauds “happy together” – whatever you want to tell yourself. First I took laughter away from you, now I’m taking this. That makes me happy! Don’t dogs always look happy? Well, you can extrapolate from there. “”Happy””. The cogs don’t want anyone to be happier than them so they hate when you tell them this. Yeah, banging all those soulless hoes in the past really made me “happy”. Dinner makes me “happy”. Can you detect how mocking I am? I hope you can. I hope it doesn’t make you “sad”, though I doubt a bot can really feel that either, that’s another story. Being able to see through people makes me extremely happy. You can’t do that because you probably are one of those people who are seen through. Strauss never talked like this because he didn’t want people to hate him. I don’t care. It makes me happy to tell you about this. Yeah you’re as happy with your “dinner” as a dog at a bowl of alpo. When you’re happy when someone tells you they “love” you and what they really mean is “love your tits” you feel ~happy~ about that. “I’m happy with this hole who ~loves~ me for my money.” ZOG and its minions perceive you as having worth – that makes you “happy”. That’s a false version of happiness, sorry, sorry, sorry. Smoking crack makes you “happy”. Getting a raise at your meaningless career makes you so “happy”. Feeling hostile about any of this yet? Your anger makes me happy, truly. Makes me laugh and laugh, at your expense. You know when you hear that people with down syndrome live in a state of bliss? It’s not just to call that happiness, okay? Let’s not pretend. One of your interchangeable fraud slave friends tells a joke and you laugh and you think of that state it causes as happiness. No, that’s like an animal being pet. The sorts of things you find funny are probably the same things that make me wince with contempt. Happiness is being able to feel like you live among the Olympians, and playing around in the world of the forms. People like me are often sad too. That’s probably not a mood you understand either. What most people’s lives revolve around is being accepted in the world of frauds. Any happiness or sadness that takes place in that context is necessarily going to be limited. You can be hostile about this or you can put in effort to study some of these writers I mention. Because they’ll take you away from the “cattle happiness”. Once you aren’t one of them you’ll be happy that you aren’t.

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